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Duchess Of Desire Reviews
Author: El Guapo
Date: 2001

Reviewed by Roger H?gensen (AIF Games)

First of all, this is a great game with lots of playabilities and exciting scenes. The descriptions of females in this game are very nicely done, and the sex scenes are hot too. Also good is that there seem to be something for everybody. You like fat girls? Then go for Mary. You like mature girls, go for Skye. You like virgin, go for Pia. I'll leave the rest for you to find out. The plot is not bad too. It is not just a sexual game, but sort a mystery and suspense too. Basically, you're to try to get into the duchess' bed, but at the end you'll find out that she's not what she seems to be after all.

Of course, there are problems in the game:

It's almost impossible to figure out what you have to buy at the coffee shop without hint.

The "open bookshelf" command in the library is a little illogical, since not many libraries have bookshelves that you have to open and close. This is not a major problem, but it still made me curse out loud when I couldn't figure out how to get the book, and all I found out when I read the walk through was that I didn't know that I had to "open" the darn thing..

The command "Fondle tits" sets a limitation on the game. It would be nice if there are different ways you can put it such as rub tits, touch tits, etc.

The "follow me" command is hard to guess.

When I met the duchess and she was looking at me, I had no idea what in the world was I supposed to do with her. A little hint here would be nice.

I had no idea how to interact with Scamp.

 I kept trying to have my way with Pia before Luni and nothing was working. I think if a programmer wants thing to run in a certain order, it's important to let the gamers know in someway.

When I was in the professor's office, I kept feeling that I should search the place, but having him there seemed so odd if I was to search. Logically, one wouldn't search someone's office when the owner is right there, so maybe this can use some changes.

 I couldn't figure out that I had to buy something at the coffee shop since the player has no money on him. This can be easily solved if the programmer gives the player a wallet, just so the gamers would know that they probably will have to buy something in the game.

Conversation with characters is very limited. More conversation would make it more fun.

You have no idea how pissed off I was when I finished the game and still couldn't have my way with the duchess! 

As for the good things, there are too many of them! Here's a few:

The game does keep gamer's interest till the very end. Even if you've completed the game, you would still like to play it over just a few times more.

Possibilities for actions are very unlimited, which means once you're on the right track, you can interact with the character of your choice in anyway you like- as long as it's not the duchess.

The programmer spent time to create a walk through that's very easy to use, and have some interesting notes at the end.

The attitude of the programmer and the game is actually very friendly. 

If you want a game that has long scenes so you don't have to spend half the day typing or trying to figure out what to type, this is the game for you. (Hint: This is great if your hands are busy somewhere else!)

There are more than one scene with some of the characters such as Skye and Pia, which makes the game way more interesting.

The lay-out of the areas are simple, so no wondering around just to look for a washroom! 

You don't need a doctor's degree or 380 IQ to solve the game. Games that are way too hard to solve make the gamers lose interest in them in a hurry. (Does anyone know how to beat the game: Susan?) There are many more great attributes to the game, but I'll leave them for the next gamer to figure out. 

All and all, this is a game that I'd recommend to all AIF gamers, especially first-timers. Thanks to El Guapo for making such a wonderful game

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