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The Dangers of Driving at Night Reviews
Author: Lumin
Date: 2009

Reviewed by Hannes Schüller

Writing:  Effective and to the point. My main gripe: It's never really clear how Harold is dangerous exactly. Sure, he talks about keeping me there forever, but why don't I just jump into my own car again and drive away? Also, the whole story is basically only triggered by the protagonist's stupidity (not making sure the car has enough gas), but that setup is excusable.  The ending (which I assume is the only one) uses a classic twist which I liked. Could have been stronger, though if the perceived Harold threat had fleshed out more before (which I think would have been well possible within the competition's time limit).  I can't help the feeling I've missed something.  Chris tells me I shouldn't leave without first *carefully examining* everything in the gas
station, though I can't find anything.

Technical:  The 'west' direction in the gas station suddenly disappears. Instead, the game told me I couldn't go in *any* direction which was even untrue - I could go east.  No scenery mentioned in the room descriptions is implemented.

Puzzles:  None really. The only actions I had to take (apart from hitting 'n') were talking to the people and giving money (which wasn't listed in my inventory) to Chris.  I would have liked to be able to stop the car at the first sign of getting tired. 'hit brakes' returned an unfortunate default response insinuating that the brakes didn't work which certainly wasn't intentional (since the car stopped just fine later).

Interactivity:  None really, but of the three games, it kept up the pretence best. Even though there is hardly anything to interact with, the game felt less empty than the other two.

Final thoughts:  Most likely not intentional, but it reminded me of the Swamp Thing episode about juvenile delinquents turned vampires hanging out in an arcade. Made me smile.

Reviewed by DannyL7773

SCORE: 7/10
Comments: Kinda short but I think that's to be expected from having only 3 hours to put it together. A good solid story with a not so winning win ending (Which also came as a surprise, although, can't say I wasn't expecting SOMETHING)

Short, decent story, unexpected but at the same time expected ending (Expected something to happen but it was nowhere close to that). Pretty easy to go through since there really isn't much choice as to what to do. (Would have got a better score if you could have chosen to accept Harold's offer)

Reviewed by Mel S

Comments: While I think the ending is a little underwhelming and there were a few technical errors, this game definitely managed to create a very tense atmosphere with just a few locations and a very short amount of time. It felt very Twilight Zone-y, which is never a bad thing.

Reviewed by Rob Roy (Metron4)

SCORE:  70.19%
-Great descriptions for characters, objects and settings, even though every object was unexaminable.  
-The game did most of the work, which is totally acceptable for Ectocomp in my opinion.
-Too many objects mentioned were not examinable.
-I love road trip stories, and a creepy gas station is a great setting.
-I laughed when I couldn’t stop the car or pull over in the beginning.  I felt like screaming “I’m outta control!”

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