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A Dream Come True Reviews
Author: Purple Dragon
Date: 2006

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by BBBen

My third honourable mention from the 2006 mini-comp should go to Purple Dragon's A Dream Come True - Purple Dragon's stuff doesn't usually feature in my "overlooked" category because he was so prominent in the community for quite a while, but he never really got all that much formal recognition so perhaps this is appropriate. This game sees a young couple trying to get together on a school trip. I kind of felt that the scenario for this game put the guy and girl together a bit too easily, but it's a Purple Dragon game so I had high expectations. It's well written and the staging of the first scene on the bus is was an innovative scenario for its time, breaking away from more conventional, full-sex-scene staging.

Reviewed by Anonymous

Overview: Returning from a road performance of your high schoolís production of A Midsummer Nightís Dream, your tour bus breaks down. Youíve been separated from your girlfriend for the whole trip by an over-zealous chaperone, and now you have one last chance to hook up with her. 

What Works: This is a very solid entry to the comp. Itís idea and execution of that idea are very competently done. The use of Shakespeare makes it seem very literate while at the same time realistic. After all, what teenage Shakespearean actor hasnít tried to improvise his own Shakespeare? Also, you really feel for the PC and his girl. The frustration they feel at being chaperoned is extremely palpable and the release they achieve during the sex scene is welcome and powerful. I liked the environments in the game and the main characters came across as more real than those in most AIF. 

What doesnít: The game feels very crowded. I guess that technically it conforms to the mini- comp NPC limit rule, but I think the bus driver, the chaperone and the girlfriendís roommate feel enough like non-player characters - even if in the guts of the gameís coding they arenít - that the game should have been disqualified or revised to meet the limit. Perhaps either the chaperone or the bus driver could have been the NPC and then the roommates could have been eliminated or minimized. Aside from this, my other complaint would be the length of the Shakespearean interlude. These kids have pretty damn good restraint to be able to go through all those speeches (some of which are neither Bottomís nor Titaniaís) without jumping one anotherís bones. 

Concept/Writing: 4th 
Characters: 2nd 
Technical: 3rd 
Hotness: 3rd 
Enjoyment: 3rd 
Hotness: 1st Enjoyment: 1st 

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