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Dish Duty Reviews

Author: Duncan Bowsman
Date: 2009

Reviewed by James Webb (as revgiblet)

An interesting entry, and arguably the only one that could be considered a 'true' introduction.  The demo ends with, what I happen to know, is the title page and a hint at the real direction that the game is going to go in.  Having a little bit of insider knowledge really helps, because I think that this could be something really special but I wonder if the uninformed would be bemused and turned-off by the seeming nonsensical turn of events and confused implementation.

It probably succeeds the most in leaving the player wanting something more, but what else can be said about it?  The struggle of the protagonist to interact with his world is the whole point, so I can't rag on it for poor implementation.  The same can be said about the confusing interaction with your significant other, or the seeming random interjections from your own subconscious.  This is the entry that will probably see the wildest swings of scores, and I think that says something about it.  As it stands, it's not quite enough information and purpose to draw the player in, but it certainly promises something - no doubt about that.

I'm at a loss what else to add about this game.  I'd probably be unimpressed if I didn't know what kind of thing DB was looking for.  As I do have an inkling, I can be a bit more generous and say that I'm looking forward to this one.  Here's hoping that it sees the light of day...

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