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For the Love of Digby Reviews
Author: David Whyld
Date: 2006

Reviewed by Robert Street (Reviews Exchange 9)

For Love of Digby is reminiscent of another David Whyld game, Paint!!!. This is a favourable comparison, given that Paint!!! won the ADRIFT Game of the Year award in 2004 and I enjoyed For Love of Digby just as much. 

For Love of Digby is a one room comedy game, where you have to get your television remote fixed without leaving the couch. As expected, the writing is very well done and it is actually very amusing in places, as you can probably guess just be looking at the gameís premise. There isnít much story in this game, with a steady stream of jokes instead.

The main difficulty I had with this game was the lack of focus. Certain actions had to be performed to trigger events in the future, which led to further actions and so on. Why some of these actions lead to the television remote being fixed was difficult to tell. It was just a matter of trying stuff because it was there. It took me a while before I successfully managed to finish the game. Iím still not sure why the end solution worked and the other solutions didnít.

Overall, the game is enjoyable as light entertainment, despite being a little frustrating in its unpredictableness in places.

Score Ė 7/10

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