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Dicky Noddle Reviews
Author: Arthur Robert Phillips
Date: 2001

Reviewed by David Whyld

Some detective games are good, some are bad. Dicky Noodle, alas, falls somewhere towards the latter of the two extremes.

The premise behind the game is the search for the main character's uncle who has, apparently, gone missing. Strangely, this isn't actually stated in the game itself but in the readme file accompanying it so when I first played Dicky Noodle I went straight to the game without bothering with the readme first and as such had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. Then again, even knowing what the plot is doesn't help you a lot.

Right from the start you know this isn't going to be a game you're going to enjoy much. There are descriptions for precious little aside from dynamic items and the location descriptions themselves are sparse and unimaginative. Worse still, the very first location in the game tells you you're standing in front of a large castle (examining it fails miserably as "you see no such thing") within whose walls dwells your uncle, the Mayor of Noodleville. Yet venturing inside takes you to a guardhouse. Wander around the rest of the town of Noodleville and you'll find an amazingly empty place devoid of things to do. The lack of descriptions for items you can plainly see very quickly becomes frustrating.

There is next to nothing to do for the better part of the game aside from walk around the locations. There are also strange bugs which really don't do Dicky Noodle any favours. In a room with three cows I was told that eating one of them would kill me whereas eating another would allow me to progress further into the game. I ate all three. Nothing happened. Reloaded from a previous save and ate them in a different order. Still nothing. In another location I found a house and was told that if I had the key (which I did) I would be able to walk north into the house. I tried to walk north and instead was told that I couldn't go that way. Things like this tend to discourage people from playing games further. They certainly did for me.

Even for a first effort, Dicky Noodle is a pretty dire game. Little care has been taken to ensure that things make sense and the lame graphics and sound don't add a thing to the gameplay. If anything, they just make for a longer download which would be a bad thing for even a good game but for a game like this they're just the final nail in the coffin.

Logic: 3 out of 10
From location descriptions that say one thing but mean another to a "puzzle" involving eating three cows (?) this is one of the least logical games I have ever played.

Problems: 3 out of 10 (10 = no problems)
It's never a good idea to have items that can't be examined. A few missed ones are just about acceptable but being able to examine precisely nothing leaves a lot to be desired.

Story: 3 out of 10
You're a detective searching for his lost uncle. That's the entire story in a nutshell.

Writing: 3 out of 10
Poor and quite offensive in places.

Game: 3 out of 10
Unfortunately not a game I could really recommend to anyone.

Overall: 15 out of 50

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