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Diary of a Stripper Reviews
Author: Christopher Cole
Date: 2003

Reviewed by David Whyld

A difficult game to comment on. It wasn't "quite" as explicit as I'd first thought it was going to be but then again it was hardly a game for the easily offended either. Playing the part of a male stripper, it is your job to… er, entertain a number of lady guests at a birthday party. Storyline-wise that’s about it. 

The writing was good throughout but the gameplay side really let things down. For the most part there was no real freedom of movement and you seemed to be forced along a very set path; no chance to explore the game was given or any proper interaction with the characters was possible. There was also the added frustration of being given half the commands you needed to complete the game instead of figuring them out for yourself which pretty defeated the whole point of playing for me. Admittedly, most of these commands were non-obvious and I might never have figured them out on my own, but it seemed a strange game that actually tells you what you should be typing. A few subtle hints would have 
worked better. 

Game: 4 out of 10 

Reviewed by Eric Mayer

This isn't the sort of thing I usually play. I'm not into AIF. Or other sex-text. I'm more a visual kind of guy. When I was a teenager I got hold of Lady Chatterly's Lover and I just thought it was silly. (Well, no, I didn't literally get hold of Lady Chatterly's Lover -- I'm not into gardeners really) Anyhow, in this game you play a male stripper. I found out I'm not very good at it. Actualy it is quite well written and amusing. Still, not to be crude, but if I have to play AIF I'd prefer naked females rather than a naked male, particularly if the naked male is me. Nevertheless, I was entertained enough to play it through a couple times, improving my score, despite my general dislike of the genre, so Chris, my hat's off to you -- but nothing else. 

Reviewed by Purple Dragon (Inside Erin Volume 4 Number 9 - September 2008)

Basic Story

You are a male stripper hired to work a bachelorette party. Your goal is simply to please all the ladies and earn yourself a big tip.

Overall Thoughts

I remember when I first read the description of this game I thought is was such a good idea. Fresh, original, unique, something out of the ordinary. It is all those things, but (did you see that 'but' coming?) the game itself just didn't live up to my excitement about the idea. It's not that it is bad by any means, it's just that I got my hopes up and was expecting more than it delivered.

Puzzles/Game Play

Game play is much different than any of Chris' other games and, indeed, than any other AIF title at all. The two main commands at your disposal are 'strip' and 'dance'. Most of the other commands you need to finish the game are spelled out for you in bold face within the text. As a result, the game mostly consists of typing 'dance' until you are told what you need to type next. Although you have some choices about which girls to dance for and how far to go, this still makes the game feel very linear.

The game is also much too easy to win. When it ends, you are told how you did and how big (generally speaking) your tip was, but I found that it's very easy to get a big tip and that you really, really have to try hard if you don't want to get a tip at all.


There are no sexual commands in this game at all. Forget things like 'rub tits', 'lick pussy', or 'fuck anything that moves'. If you make it to one of the good endings (and you will) then you'll get to see a bit more than that but there is still no actual sex in the game.

It is a credit to Chris' writing abilities that even in spite of all this, the game is still pretty hot. Although you don't have much direct control over the action, it is still fun to watch how the girls act and what they do. It would have been vastly improved by more descriptions and varied actions, but what is there is very nice.


The game is small and you wouldn't really expect to find many technical problems in it. Happily, this is one expectation that it lives up to. The only thing I found is an error in the 'bad' ending where it looks like a description got left out. But like I said, I had to try really hard to even get to this ending so if you're trying to get a good ending at all then you'll never see it anyway.

Final Thoughts

In the hands of most people, this probably would have been a very bad game. It is very short (partially due to the fact that it was a min-comp entry) and it certainly could have benefited from a few more possible commands. However, what is here is solid writing and solid erotica, and well worth the few minutes it will take you to play it.

Rating: C


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