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Dexter Dixon: In Search of the Prussian Pussy Reviews
Author: A.Bomire
Date: 2002

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by Christopher Cole

Overall Thoughts:
This is an excellent game. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of the private eye/film noir genre. The game has a great sense of humor about it, but I still can't like it as much as I want to because I really don't enjoy the genre. Now having said that, it's still an excellent game with varied NPCs and an atmosphere that really captures the genre. The game is extremely well written (as you'll come to expect from A. Bomire games if this is your first), the sex is hot, and it has a lot of puzzles (for those of you who like that kind of thing).

Puzzles/Game play:
There are a lot of puzzles in this game, which means I had to consult a walkthrough from time to time as I'm not a strong player when it comes to solving puzzles. Some of the puzzles in the game are typical IF type puzzles, while others involve knowing who to talk to and when to talk to them (which suits the private eye genre). The game played very smoothly and the story flowed well.

There is one thing I'll touch on here specifically. There is no 'ask' command in the game (ie: 'ask NPC about THING'). Instead you have to 'talk to NPC' now and again, sometimes returning to talk to them again. I think I recall not liking this the first time I played this game, and anytime I played other games with this style. However, I think I like it now. It removes any guessing as to what you can ask an NPC. Though it makes things easier overall, you still have to know when and how much to talk to any given NPC.

As you'll find in all A. Bomire's games, the sex is hot and well written. It is also pretty much unnecessary to winning the game. This game could have easily been a normal IF game by taking the sex scenes out. However, they are very hot and I'm glad they're there because I find regular IF boring, truth be told. I prefer my games to have sex scenes that are a little more necessary to the evolution of the plot, but that's just me. There are still numerous sex scenes with potentially six different female NPCs.

The final sex scene(s) with Claudia is long, hot and extremely varied; your prize for solving the game.

In the content section above I mentioned that there is possibly some underage content in this game. One character (Lily) is described as a young woman (a girl really) and as I played I saw her as being 16 or 17 years old. It's possible that A. Bomire saw her as older than that.

The game is very well made with only some minor technical problems. I would have liked to see more synonyms for some words (like the housecoat - 'robe' didn't seem to work), and trying 'NPC, suck cock' didn't work at least in some scenes; 'NPC, blow me' was the proper command which seems awkward (this could be because of the libraries used for the game, I'm not sure… I'm just used to using 'NPC, suck cock'; I think either should be allowed). However, these things are minor and did not cause any real problems. There were no real bugs that I noticed.

There is a 'bonus' sex scene of sorts involving a faerie which is incongruous to say the least. It's very funny (and quite hot actually) but I think the game could have easily done without it. I think it's an homage of sorts considering the command used to summon the pixie. You can play the scene at any time in your office and, like all the sex scenes, it has no real bearing on the story.

Final Thoughts:
Excellent writing, excellent story, and hot sex. If the sex were a little more integral to the game and if I was more of a fan of the private dick genre, I would have rated this game higher. As it is, it still gets a high rating which should just go to show you the quality of the game.

Rating: B+

Reviewed by S. Welland

Overall Thoughts:
A. Bomire has written my favorite AIF to date and with many reasons. Having first been introduced to Zork on a commodore 64 (OK, I’m telling my age), I have loved IF from the start. The added Adult rewards for all of your hard work only adds to the overall enjoyment of the game. Bomire has not only built a full logical game with numerous puzzles and lots of hot sex, he deleted the “ask so-and-so about…” and managed to have “talk to…” walk you through the story line in perfect progression.

Puzzles/Game play:
I especially enjoyed the puzzles throughout this game, as often times you had to go back to a player with information as opposed to just finding the right key for the right lock. Bomire has incorporated everything from safe combinations to flashy photographs to gain responses from the colorful NPC’s in this game, all leading to solving the case and extended opportunities for sex with the lovely Ms. Vanderbilt.

As I have mentioned before, the sex in AIF to me is best when it is a reward for having completed a puzzle or series of puzzles. In this game, A. Bomire makes sure you are well rewarded for your efforts. The variety afforded you is nice as well, as the characters range in age and build, something to suit just about any fancy, including a little “magical” scene, which was a nice added bonus.

On the technical side I must make a small confession. If there were technical issues, typos or mistakes, I missed them, as I was involved in the game, the clues and the ladies. That, in itself, says a lot for the overall writing in this game. If an author can get you wrapped up in an interactive fiction game to the point where you just have to see what happens next, he has done his job, and done it well.

Final thoughts:
Dexter Dixon: The Search for the Prussian Pussy combined all the necessary elements for a well thought out adventure. Plenty of rewards for being diligent, logical progression to solve the many puzzles, logical puzzles and a great story line. What more could you possibly ask for?

Rating: A+

Reviewed by VISOR (Vladimir I(v)an Seamusovich O’Rourke)

Overall Thoughts:
Everyone has a favorite AIF and this is mine. I’ve always loved the mystery genre and the very first IF game I ever played was Deadline. (Shout out to Sergeant Duffy!) I also love Matt Beringer’s Detective but for all the wrong reasons. The only other AIF mystery game that I know of is X-Clue, which I also play frequently. X-Clue, however, I play largely to get off to the pix, rather than to pit myself against the game. I play Dexter Dixon for the plot, characters, the style, and, yes, the sex. IMO, and this opinion is probably heretical to speak out loud, I think that in terms of sheer writing ability, by which I mean plot, description and that indefinable thing called style, A Bomire is the best we’ve got and the best there’s ever been. There have been many who have written games with complex plots (Newkid, One-Eyed Jack), those who know how to write erotica (Christopher Cole) and those who can write humor (too many to mention) but A Bomire continually shows that he is adept at all three. No one has ever approached his ability to make you laugh so hard one minute and come so hard the next. The characters in Bomire’s games all seem real and usually enter into sex as a natural consequence of events and not because it’s time for another sex scene. The male NPC’s are also well drawn which is not usual in AIF. In Dexter Dixon, the best lines of the game go to Joe the Bartender, Bruno and Max.

Puzzles/ Game play:
Bomire is very skilled at letting the player know exactly what is expected of him without having to resort to such obvious maneuvers as simply saying, “You can flush the toilet”, that being the sole example (in The Backlot) in all of his games where he does just that. As a result, an A Bomire game can be easily played in one sitting. I usually find after my first time through the game that I have missed one command, which means that there was one character that I couldn’t fuck, but that I was able to complete and win the game without that. In Dexter Dixon, I couldn’t figure out what to do with the postcards and had to read the walkthrough. However, since Bomire also wrote the walkthrough, it was as well written as the game and not just a list of commands.

Really, really hot. As with all of Bomire’s games, with the exception of Last Minute Gift, the sex scenes are completely optional. But why would you want to skip them? As is also usual, his last scene consists of a sex romp which at any point you can gather your points and go home. The one thing I didn’t like about this game is that there was no ending text but he has added some in every subsequent game.

One of the great moments of this game is the totally unexpected, hilarious and highly erotic appearance of a character who has since become a staple character of Bomire’s. The fact that her appearance and behavior change every time she is summoned make it even better. My only question: It’s been three games now. When do we get to learn her goddamn name?

Rating: A

Reviewed by A. Ninny

Overall thoughts:
The main thing you notice when playing Dexter Dixon is the great atmosphere that the game has. A. Bomire has borrowed ideas, characters and language from the noir detective film and literature genre to build a compelling world full of exactly what you’d expect to see. In terms of settings, it features dingy offices, crummy apartments, smoky bars, third-rate diners, etc. Each setting feels exactly the way it should, right down to the dust on the floor where your furniture used to be. The characters range from dangerously criminal men to world-wise women to damsels in distress and each acts and talks the way you’d expect them to (except the women are way more sexually permissive, but who’s complaining?). The plot works extremely well. The story is clichéd, of course, but the writing carries the day and turns the clichés into humor. This combination is actually done extremely skillfully. A. Bomire builds up the suspense of the story to a feverish pitch and drops a hilariously funny cliché in just where it is needed, like when the bad guy and his dimwitted sidekick (who, of course, repeats his sentences) start insulting each other. Fantastic stuff! My only complaint is that the game’s pacing is, in some cases made choppy by the sex scenes. The sex in the game is optional, so that if I want to experience the game at its ‘noirest’ I can avoid a few sex scenes that I believe break into the story at the wrong time, like the waitress scene and the newspaper girl scene. This game is also where the famous Fairy makes her debut, and she offers a very funny and sexy diversion that is welcome whenever you happen to invoke it.

Speaking technically, the sex in Dexter Dixon is written with a cut-scene system in which you build an NPC’s arousal until you are able to perform whatever act she’s amenable to. This is a reasonably realistic approach and gives the player great flexibility in the different types of interactions available. The NPC’s have layered clothing and that makes for even more options. You can get different responses from each NPC if you rub her tits while she’s fully dressed, wearing only a bra or completely naked. There are also different results for multiple turns of the same command. All this, plus the fact that the women tend to stay in character and not turn into generic sluts, combines to make for extremely hot, extremely immersive sex.

A. Bomire is a master of detail, and terrific at exploiting a sense of anticipation to add heat to his scenes. In many instances he takes a moment in the action and stretches it out in order to explore it fully; he’ll do that when you’re at the cusp of something, extending the anticipation. It makes for a lot of reading, but I am a player who really enjoys the extra detail, and taking the time to write the extra language allowed A. Bomire to build up each climax in a tactile manner. The final sex scene goes on and on, with almost limitless opportunities to enjoy yourself as you move from room to room within Claudia’s mansion.

I didn’t find any bugs, and almost anything you can look at is described. Also, the game will let you stray from the plot and try stuff out, and in most cases accommodates whatever you can think of.

Puzzles/Game play:
There are two veins of puzzles in Dexter Dixon. The puzzles that lead through the plot are not terribly difficult, though a few of them did trip me up for a while, not because they were unintuitive, but rather because I missed some important tidbit by not reading closely enough. The puzzles that lead to sex scenes are a bit more unintuitive, and if you don’t perform a few subtle actions at the right times, you can miss out on at least two of them. A. Bomire provided a complete walkthrough to help anyone who gets stuck, and it also lists all the ways you can score points.

While quite a few mysteries are written in the first person as the detective as the lead, playing the detective myself was a kick. It reminded me of an odd film I saw where the camera’s eye was always that of the detective (the actor playing the detective was only ever seen when he looked in a mirror). I was especially reminded of that in the scene where Dixon gets pulverized by the big galoot.

Final Thoughts:
Dexter Dixon is first-rate comic noir with great porn mixed in. It has compelling characters and scenery, an interesting and suspenseful plot, and a lot of yummy ‘extras’ that make playing it a great deal of fun. Dexter himself is such a fun character to play it would be fantastic to have more of his adventures added to the AIF catalog.

Rating: A


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