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Author: Alvin Echeverria
Date: 2008

Reviewed by Duncan Bowsman

Comments: Obviously, I did not go to the same high school as this author. Nolsen is a "regular" student, but spends his time sleeping through classes,
smoking dope, and having girls throw themselves at him left & right (making out with them left & right). Player is instructed he/she may LOOK AT TEACHER, but this task rarely-- if ever-- works. The alternative reality/dream sequence scheme was interesting, but executed somewhat poorly. Use of ADRIFT's combat system did not help this game.  Overall, felt thrown-together & sloppy, writing lacks unity of effect shown by the comp's stronger entries.  As with R2DC, some representations seem worrying. I respect I may not be this game's target audience.

Reviewed by David Welbourn

Comments: I gave up on this one pretty quickly. The prologue mentions several specialized commands to use,  and none of them actually work. At least, not those exact
phrases. There's almost nothing in the initial classroom to look at or interact with, so you're left with guess-the-phrase right from the start. Not good.

Mark Tilford

Comments: Don't be discouraged. Writing IF takes skill at programming and writing, and to be able to do it well in the three hours allotted for the comp takes a lot of practice.

Mel S

Comments: Wow. I guess the first thing to notice about the game is that it doesn't seem to have anything to do with Halloween at all, which is a bit odd considering this was a competition set up for Halloween games. But, judging it as some surreal nonsensical high school simulator, it's kind of fascinating in it's extreme weirdness. The game doesn't really work or make sense and there's countless problems with spelling and writing but I still kept playing just to see what bizarre thing would happen next. I've never played a game that allowed me to both repeatedly make out with a girl behind a band saw and battle satanic acidic sponges, and maybe human eyes were never supposed to witness these things together in a game, but there was still something oddly intriguing about it.

Reviewed by Lumin

Comments: Lots and lots of typos and spelling errors, even for a three hour game...though unfortunately typos aren't the worst of the problems - the premise is interesting (even if it barely fits the theme), but in practice the game is basically unplayable, at times bordering on incomprehensible when you're dealing like things like invisible gamblers showing up during physics class. As I said, I liked the IDEA of the plot and the decision (rather than object) based gameplay, but it clearly needed more than three hours of work to do it justice.

Reviewed by Nick Rogers

SCORE: 2/10
Comments:  Not sure if this is supposed to be scary or not. Some horrible intro text. Non-implemented instructions. Non-implemented objects. Uninspiriing writing. Not my cuppa. I didn't finish. I loaded it up in the generator to find out what you might actually have to do. There seems to be a drug-induced dream sequence, which again is not my cuppa. I don't like trying to play a character who is forced to do things I wouldn't do without any reason.

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