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Decisions Reviews
Author: David Whyld
Date: 2005

Reviewed by Grimm Sharlak

Basic Plot: 

Returning to the role of Melissa, lesbian schoolgirl, you find yourself once again in the lovely arms of Miss Harris after the events of Choices, but this joy is soon cut short as Miss Harris leaves for Australia to visit her sick father. The two of you stay in touch, but all is not as it seems, and darkness lurks past your next decision… 

Overall Thoughts: 

I truly enjoyed Choices, to which this game is the sequel. The easy-to-use interface makes a welcome return, although at the time of this writing, if you follow a certain path through the game, you will reach a point where there is only one choice to make and the game will not accept it. David has said he is working on it, however, and if it is fixed before the deadline for this month’s newsletter I’ll adjust this. 

There is more sex this time, and more partners to get involved with. As with the first game, there are some pretty hardcore depictions of the darker side of sex in this game, however aside from a low number of “bad scenes” (reached by bad decisions, funnily enough) the scenes the player gets to participate in are short but sweet. 

The plot is a good one, and gives the overall impression of everyday life rather than taking part in a story, as various events take place in Melissa’s life unrelated to the main plot that you still have to make decisions about. It breaks up the flow and makes the game less linear in its plotline. 


“If you're reading this, it means that, for one reason or another, you've failed to complete Decisions. Don't feel bad about that, it's a difficult game.” 

No kidding, Mr. Whyld! I would definitely rate Decisions as more difficult than Choices. And, much like in many Choose Your Own Adventures, sometimes you simply can’t do anything about a situation. 

Still, the puzzles themselves are quite simple due to the simple nature of the interface. The solution usually is staring you in the face, literally. This 
doesn’t mean the game is a cakewalk, as there are multiple paths to take and many ways to lose the game. I most definitely saw the above message more times than the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank heavens for undo! 

But, as before, the puzzles are straightforward and the simplicity of gameplay keeps things squarely in the fun rather than the frustrating. 


Well, David Whyld has certainly added more sex into Decisions as compared to Choices, but the lack of interactivity still irks this reviewer somewhat. Still, the sex involved is quite nice, and while the sex scenes are relatively short, they are detailed and even have some humour about them at times. The characters that Melissa lusts after are depicted as almost sex goddesses and the scenes with them rarely disappoint. 

There are some very dark moments in the game, however, usually involving other characters rather than the protagonist. At no point does the author present acts such as whipping a naked woman or dripping hot wax on to their breasts as overly arousing or deplorable, leaving it up to the player to see the scene as they will (Melissa usually has a mix of revulsion and curiosity, sitting on the fence nicely). Not a bad move to make with such sensitive subject matter. 


Unfortunately, even with this updated version, there are still some bugs in the game. The one mentioned earlier is the worst, but at least on one other occasion I managed to find another event where the first option simply wouldn’t be accepted, and I had to select the second. Hopefully this is resolved before the end of the month, so this section can be changed. 


Depending on certain actions you take in the game, some characters come off as either sex-starved or quite prudish. This can be slightly frustrating but the correct sequence for some nookie (or not, if you prefer) is never far away with some clever undoing. 

Another thing I noticed throughout the game that no major male character is very nice. All seem to leer at Melissa and want to get in her pants in any way possible, and some are downright evil. I guess it is true that we all one thing on our minds, but seeing one male character not obsessed with sex or simply isn’t a dick would’ve been nice, especially thanks to all the positive female characters (that Melissa wants to have sex with… Hmmm…). 

Final Thoughts: 

The sequel to Choices doesn’t disappoint, although the plot ends up following somewhat similar lines to the first. There is more booty to be had, and more danger as well. The only problem here is that due to both games being in the same unique format, it is difficult to make the game seem as fresh and as new as its first iteration. Still, due to the ease of use of the interface I don’t see anyone getting sick of it soon. And hey, we’re here for the story as much as the game, considering the rest of IF and AIF out there, so enjoy the twists and turns to be had here. 

Rating: B 

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