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Death Shack
Author: Mel S
Date: 2011


SCORE: 7/10
Comments: Made me laugh, several times. The text, unfortunately, seemed to vanish at certain times, sometimes before I could finish reading, which was a bummer.

JUDGE: Sean M. Shore

SCORE: 8/10

JUDGE: E. Joyce

SCORE: 3/10
Comments: I didn't get all the way through this one; the game didn't understand most of my commands and I got fed up. It was decently funny, at least.

Reviewed by MathBrush

This game uses some of the more cinematic qualities of Adrift.

It's a speed-IF, so it was written in just 3 hours. But it has really fun animations and text effects. The death shack becomes a recurring character that destroys all in its path. I especially laughed at the hotel scene.

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