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Dear Diary Reviews
Author: Wotan-Anubis
Date: 2002

Reviewed by Corb

This game from Wotan-Anubis has a really interesting premise. I don't know that I've played another game quite like it, in fact. Everything in the game is described as though truly being written in a diary-from room descriptions to interactions. From the opening paragraph to the final chapter, all is written in the past tense to a young girl's diary.

The essential premise of the story is: you are playing a girl who is about to break up with your rotten boyfriend, and are now realizing you are lesbian, and have feelings for his sister.

This may not be the game for guys to enjoy-in fact, men don't come out very well in it at all. The scenes are all girl/girl, unless you try really hard in the beginning with the main character's abusive boyfriend. Even then, the viewpoint describes it in the least flattering terms possible, and in ways it is impossible to find erotic. "I puked his sperm all over the carpet.", for example. There is not a single male NPC in the game that is described well, or narrated well, and there's a lot of hate directed at men in various parts of the narrative elsewhere as well. Whether this is the author projecting, or really trying to capture the feelings of a young, out-of-the-closet lesbian, is hard to say, but it is somewhat jarring to say the least. 

Sometimes it is also hard to figure out where the story is going. There are activiites scattered all through the house, and you have to figure out the precise wording of how to get her into things. Usually it's through manipulation of an object, or trying to do something, but it's a bit clunky. For example: there is a pool, and a way you can get the main NPC to swim. However, asking the NPC about swimming, pool, etc, brings up nothing, and can lead people to believe at first it's a red herring. Only the correct combination of words will do. 

The diary format does also require that a lot of the conversational scenes are tightly scripted-you don't get a choice to ask NPCs about what /you/ want to ask them about, and sometimes this means things seem to be progressing at a snails' pace. However, others might enjoy the slow buildup, so it's just depending on your mileage. 

One of the real negatives in this game, though, is there really isn't a lot of writing with this place. Good idea, puzzles aren't too bad, but the cutscenes really leave something to be desired-and it doesn't even get better at the sex scenes, like some AIF writers do. 

I have a strong feeling that this was written by a young woman, simply because of the amount of times 'love' was used. The main protagonist and the NPC have to declare their love before they can even progress past kissing. Love is mentioned several times during and is a highlight of the sex scenes, which are also exceedingly tame in comparison with the usual. All in all, this game strikes me as a /great/ game for a slightly younger audience of lesbian girls, but I suggest that few others will really enjoy the thing properly. 

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