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The Dead Man Reviews
Author: 30otsix
Date: 2003

Reviewed by Amby

Good Job

My second favorite game in the one-room competition. DavidW has already pretty much crystalized my thoughts completely about the games' minor annoyances - but in spite of them, I still enjoyed the game. 

Writing an engaging game set in just one room is quite a challenge. Good job. 

Reviewed by David Whyld


Pretty good for a game set entirely in a single room. The writing and storyline were way above average for Adrift games... but it wasn't without its problems. 

Guess the verb was bad in a few places - using the syringe was a long way from straightforward - and the events that had the screen flashing white and then moving all the items you were carrying onto the floor left a lot to be desired. It was also annoying having to stand up again every time the event ran or be told that certain tasks couldn't be completed because you were lying on the floor. 

Most of the events could have done with some speeding up: being forced to sit and wait through the intro or the time when the man bangs on the metal door each time you play the game was irritating and cuts down on replay value although with it being a game set in a single room there isn't a lot of replay value anyway. 

But bad points aside, this was a great example of how you can get a reasonably decent game in just one room. 

6 out of 10 

Reviewed by The Mad Monk



After the black on white text pops up, all my stuff was gone. Why? Nicely executed game, and it should be expanded, 30otsix.

Score: 24 of 40

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