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Dash Slapney and the Calamatous Candy Corn Cornucopia

Author: Andrew Schultz
Date: 2011


Reviewed by DCBSupafly

SCORE: /10
Comments: The beginning was good for some laughs. I liked the methods for dealing with unimportant objects and barriers. I never made it out of my place though. I don't know how to get at the source or proceed any further so I can't really rate this.

Reviewed by Sean M. Shore

SCORE: 5/10

Reviewed by E. Joyce

SCORE: 4/10
Comments: It's got a good sense of humor, but so many omitted important details and read-the-author's-mind puzzles that it's hard to get through it without the walkthrough. Seems like it has a bit too wide of a focus for speed IF.

Reviewed by Martin Barth

SCORE: 7/10

Reviewed by Mel S

SCORE: 5/10
Comments: I had fun playing Dash Slapney - splashing water on kids, jamming batteries into brownies and just generally being a misanthrope - but I was forced to rely on the in-game walkthrough constantly to figure out what I had to do next and that quickly put a damper on things. It's incredibly tough to make a gameplay-heavy IF game in only 3 hours and this unfortunately is further proof of that.


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