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Time in the Dark Reviews
Author: Purple Dragon
Date: 2007

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by David Whyld

This one seemed a little bland. It starts without any direction as to what needs doing and I spent some time just wandering from place to place looking for a way to trigger the next series of events and wishing the game would give me some more obvious pointers. Fortunately the small number of locations work to the game's advantage: with so little room to explore, it doesn't take long to find what you need to do to start things moving. It's still annoying though.

The blindness angle was interesting, though certainly could have been handled better. Default error messages - YOU CAN'T SEE ANY SUCH THING - should have been re-worded to reflect the fact that the player can't see *anything*.

Neither of the game's NPCs* came across as particularly believable. There's your girlfriend, Jess, who has all the genuineness of a starlet in a porn film (and even shouts out authentic porn star phrases during sex) and a detective who comes to interview you who seems to be permanently reading from the auto cue.

* I had the impression that it was a requirement of the minicomp that only one NPC was present, but clearly not.

Not a bad little game overall but not one I really cared for.

Arousal: about half and half.

Reviewed by Softiron

Playing through this story brought back fond memories of Optimusí masterpiece, Memories Are Made Of These.  While the plots and even the subgenres are entirely different, the feelings of
helplessness and claustrophobia are powerful in both.  Adventuring (and later having sex) as a blind man is a wonderfully original idea that certainly deserves a much larger game, and I hope Purple Dragon or someone else decides to go with that route.  I also know we have at least one member of the AIF community who is blind, and I would be delighted to hear their thoughts on this piece.

My favorite two genres of writing are suspense thriller and erotica, and they mix oh so well together.  A primary portion of the game involves searching for clues as to your potential threat,
and doing so while blind.  Better yet, there are three suspects, and each time you load the game, a different person will be the culprit.  The clues that are left behind are clever, if a bit too easy to decipher.  The only letdown here is that you donít even need to search for the clues, as you can guess-and-check the name of the culprit without actually providing any evidence to make an arrest.  Thus, the payoff takes a hit.

Despite this one flaw, I actually did want to replay the game several times to discover all of the endings, in addition to the multiple sex scenes, not all visible in one play through.  I also appreciate that there is no arousal daemon, thus the sex scenes seem more real.  Moreover, the two characters who have sex are actually in love, and you can tell.  Their personalities shine through, making for a very pleasurable gaming experience.

I can plainly see that Time In The Dark deserved to finish 2nd on my ballot.

Stroke Meter: 



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