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Dance Fever USA Reviews
Author: Mel S
Date: 2003

Reviewed by David Whyld

Not quite as weird as “Forum” (then again, few things in this world are) but “Dance Fever USA” is still decidedly strange. The storyline is pretty much nonsense – a dance craze has swept the world and people seem to be affected with a desire to dance and dance and… but I'm sure you get the picture. You have to stop it. 

This is one seriously corny game that doesn’t miss an opportunity to try its hand at downright tacky humour. That said, it’s also very, very funny in places. Relieving yourself in an alley and retrieving a crowbar from a cat are just a few of the strange things you get up to in attempting to stop the dance craze. The ending was strange and seemed a bit drawn out for my liking but right up to there it was definitely worth playing. 

Game: 5 out of 10 

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