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Crossworlds Part 4: Scream for Me! Reviews
Author: BBBen
Date: 2007

Reviewed by Grimm Sharlak (Inside Erin: The AIF Newsletter Volume 3 Number 4)

Basic Plot:
In this final game of the Crossworlds series, you wake up from an encounter with a Great Gremlin to find that you’ve lost Janey, you’re a teacher at the local college and all is not as it seems…

Overall Thoughts:
The swansong for this series is a fine one, incorporating all the characters we’ve met before, like Janey, Lin and fan favourite Debbie, while including some new characters as well. Scream for Me! has multiple callbacks to all the games of the series, but is a fine stand alone game in its own right 
and certainly doesn’t suffer from “sequel-itis”.

As with all the Crossworlds games, the game is fairly plot-driven and linear. The puzzles are never too taxing, with only the occasional awkward piece of syntax to trip up the player. The game progresses through a number of settings and areas, but I never found myself lost for what to do next 
or to the solution of the puzzles presented to me.

Sex scenes are in abundance in Scream for Me! and on the whole are a well-written, rewarding experience. You’d think after five games involving some of these characters, the scenes would get a little stale, but you’d be wrong. The initial scenes with Lin and Debbie show that BBBen! hasn’t 
lost his creative flair for a good sex scene.

I found no technical issues to speak of, but this game doesn’t push Adrift to its limits, either. Overall, a very sound technical implementation that achieves all it sets out to do.

Speaking of callbacks to the other games in the series, multiple items can be “read” which provide little Easter eggs for the player. This is a great motivation to play the game through and find absolutely everything if you’re a fan of the series.

Final Thoughts:
If you’ve enjoyed any of the previous Crossworlds games, you’ll enjoy Scream for Me! But even if you haven’t played any (where have you been?) this is still a fun, sexy stand alone game. Highly recommended.

Rating: A

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