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Cowboy Blues Reviews
Author: David Whyld
Date: 2003

Reviewed by Jason Guest

Perty dern crazy! 

If you downloaded this game expecting an authentic picture of the old west, you're in for a big surprise - this wild west town has space invaders machines, television, rock and roll and all manner of other incongruous features. I haven't been playing it for long and I've already been struck down by God and been laughed at by a bunch of schoolkids for walking into a door. So not your average run-of-the-mill Western then. The characters, a bunch of reprobates who could have stepped straight out of a Robert Rankin novel are funny and the writing is, as always for one of David's games very good indeed. Recommended.

Reviewed by Mel S

Another Epic from Davidw 

Davidw's known for his massive games that are usually three times the size of most other games. He doesn't disappoint this time, and comes through with a massive comedy western. 

And when I say it's massive, I mean it. This is a huge game, and without using a walkthrough, you've got hours of gameplay. Depending on the player, that could be a fault. When beginning, it can be overhwhelming to walk through the gigantic town, and can get a tad bit tedious. 

But although it can get tedious travelling around the large areas, the writing is far from tedium. Davidw's always good with comedy, and he doesn't disappoint this time. Everything's detailed in the game, and usually funny to look at. Conversations are top-notch, and the story comes with some laughs. 

It's a great game, filled with a funny plot and great writing, but I do think some might just find it too massive when starting, and give up early. Hopefully they won't, because it's a rewarding game. 


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