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Algernon's Conundrum
Author: Nick Gauthier
Date: 2015

Reviewed by Lumin

Algernon's Conundrum

A very short game about using adventure game logic to help a man with some bees. :) The main puzzle itself wasn't very difficult to figure out, but from the author's side it would have taken a little work to set up so as a first timer he gets some (purely imaginary) points for that. The locations themselves were fully implemented and nice to look around at, though in such a short game especially it would have been appreciated if there had been some kind of message describing what happened upon solving the colored square puzzle and a minute later for actually winning the game.

Beagle 2

Another very game, and I'm ashamed to admit I had to peek at the developer for this one. If the puzzle in the other entry was too obvious, I feel like this one wasn't clued enough...but then again maybe I've just been trained too well that 'violence isn't the answer'. ;) Other than my problem figuring out the command to complete it, I really enjoyed the setting and would play the heck out of a larger game set on Mars, though I'm afraid the author will never convert me to his love of yellow text. The location was sparse without many objects to interact with, but every logical command I tried was covered which is something I always like to see. I appreciated being able to choose the gender of the character, even if it might have been handled smoother without the 'yes/no' popup box.


Both entries displayed some good writing and were an interesting way to kill five minutes, but felt like they belonged more as scenes to a larger game than a standalone one themselves. Still, I suppose I can't complain there because unlike my game at least they were completed and entered!


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