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Community Policing Reviews
Author: Sly Dog
Date: 2004

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by Grimm Sharlak

Basic Plot: 

Community Policing makes its intentions pretty clear from the outset: 

“Welcome to Anytown, Officer. As the local community policeman, you should patrol the area and look out for crime. There’s villainy everywhere, but not all at the same time. Much of this game involves exploitation of women and power: if that’s not your thing, time to leave.” Which is pretty much the plot in a nutshell. The villainy in Anytown is made up mostly of drunken partygoers, flashing schoolgirls and horny councillors, but somebody needs to enforce the law on these people, and it’s you. 

Overall Thoughts: 

I’m going to get this out of the way right now. Community Policing may be Sly Old Dog’s best game. No joke. It’s not bugged beyond belief, has an interesting puzzle or two and the depravity is kept to a level that appeals to my tastes. However, there are still problems and bugs to talk about. 


There’s not much puzzle-wise to Community Policing. Unfortunately, there is no grand crime for you to bust that provides an over-arching story. Instead, it provides exactly what the title would imply: you police the community. There’s not much plaguing your community at the moment, so the puzzles never strain much further then stopping a van, or getting some drunk ladies home. For the most part the puzzles are straightforward, but there are some points where it gets a bit confusing. For example, an early puzzle is what to do about a van that is circling the block. The van has some young ladies flashing and getting up to naughtiness in the back. The game helpfully suggests you take a warning shot at the van, which fails, but then you go back to the police station and find some road spikes. However, these were not present until you fire your gun. So we’re meant to believe that a qualified policeman would take a shot at a car to stop it rather then deploying the spikes? 

Outside of these strange inconsistencies, the game is pretty easy. Most hairy commands are bolded to point you in the right direction, and aside from one area you’ll struggle to get stuck. But that’s more for the technical section. 


The sexual content of the game is based around using and abusing your power as a policeman. Therefore the main targets of your attentions on the most part won’t be willing, at least not initially. However, Sly depicts most of the women you encounter as being of loose morals, to say the least, and your attentions usually come around to a mutually enjoyed experience. The sex is necessarily quick and dirty. Again, the way women are depicted in the game lends itself to this, as do the main character’s own perception of them. However, some of the sex scenes are poorly written command-wise. For example, in the scene with Destiny it took far too long to figure out that “pull bottoms” was the way to get her pants off, while I never got very far with the Donna and Leslie scene; even with the walkthrough I couldn’t get her bloody corset off! 


This game would be a better effort from Sly Old Dog compared to his others, but unfortunately we must keep one thing in mind. This is version 2.2 of Community Policing, and it still has some fairly significant problems. The most glaring of which is if you don’t do the Jayne section first, which you’ll rarely do since the van is the most obvious thing when you begin the game, you won’t be able to do it at all. For whatever reason, the black box on the back of her television just won’t be selectable. 

Another problem is with the aforementioned Donna and Leslie scene. Leslie tells me to look at the corset to figure out how to get if off (since “remove corset” won’t work) and it says it’s laced up at the back. However, you can’t examine or interact with these laces in any way and commands such as “untie corset” won’t work either. You’d think with two major releases and two subsequent bugfixes of this game already, it would be a lot more polished. 


The appeal of this game isn’t as broad as most, in fact its sex scenes border on rape at times. Not to mention that at a point or two in the game there is some violence. The only other intangible is that again, as a trained policeman, you would think that your skill with a firearm would be better than most; however your “warning shot” manages to take out a seagull, and in another event you’re standing at the bars of a cell, and you still miss your target! 

Final Thoughts: 

While far from a buggy mess, Community Policing shows that somewhere underneath it all, Sly Old Dog can write some decent sex scenes. However, these scenes are buried beneath poor coding, and poor design decisions that, until Sly starts doing some heavy beta-testing (because, let’s not forget, that will help with the poor design as well) will never come to light. 

Rating: C

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