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Scene of the Crime: City in Fear Reviews
Author: David Whyld
Date: 2003

Reviewed by Mel S

Improves upon the Original 

While I enjoyed the first Scene of the Crime, I found it to have many flaws. In the sequel, a lot of these flaws have been corrected. The main thing, is the improved conversation system. While it was very difficult to use in the first game, it's simple and effective in this game. Another problem I had, was that you were never able to scroll up and look at street names in the first game, in this one, you're able to go back and check, although a way for the game to remember these names would've been very helpful. 

There still are a few small problems with the game, like a few small bugs including a logbook and the instructions, but other than, this was a very fun detective game, that everyone should enjoy. 


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