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Casting Reviews 

Author: fellatrix_uk
Date: 2005

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by Grimm Sharlak

Basic Plot:

As a young, hopeful British actress, you have come to America to try and get your big break. Unfortunately, so far you've given plenty of 'favours' but received no acting parts in return. That's all going to change, however, as you stand outside the offices of Badger Studios.

Overall Thoughts:

I love Inform. While you'd never get me to program in it in a million years, playing text adventures in WinFrotz and the like just feels deliciously old school compared to TADS and ADRIFT. So right off the bat, playing Casting was a different experience to my usual reviewing. The differences don't stop there. Casting is played from the female perspective, still a rarity in the AIF scene. This provides a different playing experience,  which helps the game stand out from the crowd.


Casting is a fairly straightforward game, which is reflected in the puzzles and the gameplay. Essentially, you need to shag your way into an acting role, and that involves
finding out how to go about shagging the people in charge of the movie. There are a couple of head scratching moments, but everything is fairly logical and never too taxing.  This traditional style of gameplay provides no real surprises, but is pleasant enough.


The sex in Casting follows the arousal pattern; using a sex act gets you a response dependent on that character's arousal level. In most cases this means you get one
message for a sex act, and then a second, which repeats until the character reaches a climax, providing a third message. The scenes you participate in are well written and fairly hot, with a good sprinkling of variety thrown in. As a woman you can fuck or be fucked, which provides a few interesting variations not usually seen. Having to tell each character what to do to you is simple enough, and doesn't impede the flow of the scenes at all.


There are very few problems to speak of in Casting, and Fellatrix has done a fine job of crafting a game here. There are a couple of tricky verbs for the player to get their head around, but I never had any real trouble. There is one slight problem, however, in that one of the characters allows you to do some admittedly minor sexual acts when they are wearing a certain item, but as soon as that item is removed, it's no go.


Once you've finished the game successfully, a couple of amusing things are revealed, including an option to turn on a director's commentary from Fellatrix. This ensures at least one more playthrough, and it's always good to hear an author's insights on characters, and why they did this, that, or the other.

Final Thoughts:

Casting is good, clean, AIF fun. While there isn't an overabundance of sex or puzzles, what's there is simple and effective. Playing from a woman's perspective is always a nice alternative and it is handled well, and hopefully we get to see this character's future adventures someday.

Rating: B

Reviewed by Knight Errant (Inside Erin, Volume 4 Number 4 - April 2008)

Basic Plot

You are a young aspiring actress, looking to get a break into Hollywood anyway you can. You've given a lot of "favors" but so far it hasn't paid off ... maybe
this time will be your big break.

Overall Thoughts

It's unusual to see an AIF game written from a female perspective, and I'll admit that fact is what kept me from playing Casting before now. However, I'm glad I picked it up. It's a good storyline and it's great to see AIF done from a woman's perspective. The commentary was a great touch, something I think I may want to include in my next game. It's a good game, and it makes me want to see more from Fellatrix.


The puzzles are logical and not too complicated, once you figure out how to get to where you're going. The premise pretty much lays out the plot of the game, and there aren't too many surprises along the way. That's not a bad thing, either, as the sex is obviously the focus of this game.


I initially didn't think I'd be turned on by a female POV sex scene, but it's hot. More detail in the scenes (particularly how the sex makes the main character feel) would be a big improvement, but it's well done. The sex uses an arousal pattern that's quite common among AIF games, with an initial description, an "again" description which repeats until one or both characters
orgasms. There's a good amount of variety, each scenario has it's own unique feel and quirks.


Implementation was a little more sparse than I was used to, but good. Overall, it was a very solid game with some unconventional features (clothing that opens, getting under tables).


It's a fun T&AIF game, and it's great that the movies turn out to be porn ... makes a lot of sense for why the player would be seducing the various producers. I loved the hints about what the PC's personality is like, and it really fits with the storyline. Good use of atmosphere objects, too, it kept the offices from feeling too spartan. The lack of a script in the final scene was an amusing touch as well.

Final thoughts

Casting is a straightforward T&AIF game, good for an evening's amusement. There's nothing to keep one frustrated for long and plenty to amuse and arouse.

Rating: A-

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