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The Casabian Virus Reviews 

Author: GoblinBoy
Date: 2004

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by Unknown

Amusing bug when I tried to DROP ALL and found the game attempting to drop my tits and pussy. Hmmm…

Echoes of "Children of Men" in the game's theme: no children have been born for twenty years and humanity is going to hell. Here it's apparently been caused by a virus created by some fellow called Casabian. You're sent back in time to prevent the virus ever being released. Or are you…? As I found at the very end of the game, there's more going on here than is indicated to begin with.

I first completed the game without reaching a single sex scene (though spent quite a while wandering around naked!) but hit the bad ending and then went back and got the better one. And got the sex as well. It was actually quite refreshing to find an AIF game that it was possible to finish, even reaching a bad ending, that didn't require me to have sex. As for the sex? One of the better ones, I'm pleased to say, and mercifully free of the usual guess the verb problems that seem to plague so many sex scenes in the AIF world.

There were a few rough edges - the game hinting that I was to try and seduce one character but then throwing a wobbly when I tried to have sex with him or take my clothes off - but nothing that ruined an otherwise excellent game.

Arousal: damn fine.

Reviewed by Softiron

I’m a sucker for time travel stories, even if they’re really awful, like Timecop.  GoblinBoy’s story is highly reminiscent of the paradox theme in the first Terminator movie and in the Star Trek: TNG episode “Time’s Arrow,” both of which I thoroughly enjoyed.  That GoblinBoy was able to cram such a story into three rooms was impressive, as the game truly seems much larger than it is.

Not only did I enjoy the multiple endings, but the various paths towards those endings.  There is some freedom within the game to perform actions that don’t affect the outcome, but expand the characters and exploit the atmosphere, which is always appreciated.  And the seduction scene with the assistant is top-notch.  Somehow, though, it was difficult for me to wrap my head around losing my virginity to an unconscious man.  Raping someone to save the world didn’t give me any warm fuzzies, though it approaches irony, which is always fun.

For fun, I named the character for my honey, and then was dismayed to see that pictures came with the game.  Not only could I no longer use my imagination, the woman (albeit gorgeous), looks little like my girlfriend, so it ruined the intimacy for me a bit.

Out of twelve inspiring contestants, The Casabian Virus finished in 4th place for me, just out of the medal standings.

Stroke Meter: 

Reviewed by Grimm Sharlak

The first game I played in the minicomp, The Casabian Virus is a time-travelling adventure which is quite unique and well written. Not to mention it includes pictures!

Not only does the game feature the non-standard female protagonist, it also handles the perils of time travel well, especially in such a short timeframe. The sexual content itself was a little on the light side, but this game would be fun and well written even without it (although the ending would have to change a little for that), so it gets a high mark from me.

Rating: A-

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