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Buried Alive Reviews
Author: David Whyld
Date: 2004

Reviewed by DIY Games (November 2004)

As far as time limited game competitions go, this is one of the longer and better written games. It is funny, regardless of the fact that your character is 
trying to survive an attempt on his life, and that the milkman’s leg is about to be served for dinner. Unfortunately, the game offers no warning when you are about to die, and you’ll do that quite often.

Reviewed by David Welbourn (11 Nov 2005)

This game is short, clever, wacky, and gruesome. You are Hubert, a curtain ring salesman, buried alive by your formerly-loving wife, Gertrude. You goal is to escape the grave and teach that woman a lesson—a fatal lesson. And it's a comedy.

Caution: This game contains blood, severed body parts, infidelity, murderous spouses, and a well setup off-color joke. Expect wackiness in some of the object descriptions.

Verb hint: Try using GET instead of TAKE.

Rating: ***

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