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British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions Reviews
Author: Lucilla Frost
Date: 2004

Reviewed by Kastier

Plot synopsis: 
You play the game's heroine, the voluptuous and never to be deterred superheroine, British Fox, invulnerable from damage and strong enough to bend steel. Through the auspices of a secret organization known as The Institute, you fight crime with a team of fellow women heroines. This mission, pits British Fox against the evil Frost Industries and their nefarious celebrity kidnapping ring. Can British Fox save the kidnapped celebrities? Can she do it without being captured? 

Writing + Plot: 
British Fox is very much a fetishist game that focuses on superheroines who get captured and mistreated. This is the main point of the game, and the audience being aimed for. As such, the game's content tends to be fairly raunchy, with nonconsensual sex (rape) being one of the main draws of it, usually of a fairly kinky nature. Other themes include dominance and pain, gang bangs, lesbianism, bestiality and impregnation. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. 

It took me a while to get through this game. Unlike most, Lucilla Frost has created a real winner here, not only in length, but in content as well. There is so much content in fact, that you have to play the game several times to see it all. And what's there, if you're into it, is pretty darn hot. This game doesn't have gentle sex scenes. The content is hard core, and written that way. Not everyone is going to like that particular style of scene, but for, me, given the subject and the action, it fit perfectly. 

For this type of writing, Lucilla has a great style and an active imagination. There are literally a dozen individual sex scenes of various kinds, each different and following their own themes. The sex is where it's at in this game, and the multitude of well written variations makes it all the more entertaining. If you're in to the various kinks, you'll likely find the scenes to be very hot indeed... well, that and fairly humorous. There's some great humor here too, hidden here and there in the action. 

Story-wise, this game is a little more meaty than most AIF games, but like all of them, it's more or less a vehicle for the sexual content. To win the game though, you must save the day, and there are several ways in which you can do just that, with multiple ending depending on how well you do. So, the goal isn't just to get laid as many ways as possible, though you get more points if you do. 

One of the more interesting things I noticed about this game is that there seems to be a lot of depth to it. Most games throw you into a scenario, and aside from a paper-thin background, expect you to fill in the blanks yourself. Lucilla has instead chosen to create a rich background that permeates the entire game. This background comes in the form of little references here and there to other bit characters, or past adventures, events and best of all, villains. She does it so well that you almost wonder if there is a body of fiction already in existence about British Fox that she's drawing on. If there isn't, then kudos to Lucilla for her story creation. It's not easy to pull something like this off so well. 

The only thing that really bugged me about the writing in this game is that the use of punctuation is sometimes a little off. Commas tend not to be where should or excluded completely. It's not a huge issue, but one that I noticed. 

Overall, the plot progression, writing and style of this game is excellent, if perhaps a little over the top at times and a little more hard core and rough than most players will be used to. 
Score: 9.5 

Technical (design + programming): 
British Fox is a great game, but it displays all of the limitations of Adrift. Lucilla obviously put a lot of time and effort into having this game beta and playtested. Despite that, it's riddled with little annoying glitches and technical problems which cannot be blamed on her work. Adrift is simply not as robust as some of the harder, more technically demanding languages, and it shows it in this game. Weird tense usages, and odd parser messages occur occasionally because of this. 

On the programmer side of things, I did have a few occasions where I felt that some of the puzzles were a bit on the obscure side. Some of the commands, such as "Beg" or "talk dirty" were not exactly intuitive, and since neither is a generally used AIF command, I never thought of using them until after I finished the game and looked at a walkthrough. 

In addition to this, sometimes obvious synonyms were missed. For example, starting the car. When I go driving, I usually "start my car." This game requires you to "start the engine." I had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to start the britmobile. There are a couple cases like this. 

Another issue is the occasional lack of descriptions for objects listed in the main room description. If you say there's an alarm clock in the room, let me look at it! That just irritates me. Given the size of this game and how well it shines otherwise, the occasional occurrence of this can be overlooked. 

All of these shortfalls aside, British Fox is a game that is well designed and programmed. I encountered no (non-adrift related) bugs while playing. Gameplay was smooth and scripted events seemed to fit together well with few issues. There's a great deal of complexity in this game as well, from random events, to carefully scripted ones, that all fit together perfectly. 

Overall, this game is well programmed and solid, with some fun sequences that show the touch of a skilled and "eye to detail" programmer. 
Score: 8 

Entertainment Factor: 
British Fox stands, in my opinion, as one of the best, most entertaining AIF Adrift games out there. A multitude of endings, great depth, great sex scenes, multiple ways to win the game, multiple endings, and a good sense of humor all contribute to it. Lucilla as woven together all of these into a fun story with plenty to do and explore. 

This is not a small game, nor is it one for those who prefer tame AIF. The writing will turn off some players, given it's hard core, "bam, bam, bam" style. But, if you do like the superheroine in danger sort of theme, this game is for you. It's great fun... especially if you get poor British Fox into a jam or two. ;) 
Score: 10 

The Last Word: 
This is a game that is definitely targeting a specific audience. It's very hard core, and the NC aspect will understandably turn some folks off. If you're looking for a hard core game that has plenty of both sex and puzzles as well as story, this is it. 

Kudos to Lucilla for a great game! 

Kastier's ranking: 9.2 out of 10 

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