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Briefcase Reviews
Author: Woodfish
Date: 2004

Reviewed by David Whyld

SCORE : 6 

Interesting game. You're a thief hired to steal a briefcase from a house. The game is nicely written although it has a few annoying features - doors having to be unlocked and then opened before they can be walked through, a note at the start of the game advising the player to look on top of the cupboard to find the briefcase yet the cupboard being referred to in the game as a bookshelf. 

There were a few strange bugs towards the end of the game. I picked up the briefcase and tried to open it only to be told I wasn't carrying it! Finally I was able to open the briefcase and there seemed to be some kind of opening inside. However, attempting to enter the opening left me with the strange message "which briefcase. the briefcase or the briefcase?" 

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