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Boiled Eggs Reviews
Author: Anna Fruen
Date: 2006

Comments on Adrift Forum

I couldn't solve the game. I stopped playing when I opened the door to the old man's house and it wouldn't let me go in. Very cute and interesting premise, however. I also found it annoying that there was clearly an exit north at the beginning but I couldn't go through it until I talked to Louise. 3.

Game glicthed when i took teh box wile under bed, from then on 'joe' got stuck in bath room and i couldnt escape with the box >.<, the amount of tasks must have pushed 3 hours. but i love sneaking around in some one elses house ^^ 4.

The first game I played, and one that was for the most part relatively straightforward. There was some curious logic (why climb out of the window when I could easily walk back down stairs?), but no guess the verb and no missing objects. Fun, nicely written, with a cool little twist. 7.

Simple game, but I liked the idea. I especially liked the twist at the end. Good for a three hour game, but there were some problems with for example, I was confused in Joe's upstairs hallway which direction the bedroom and bathroom were. Also, after taking the box, hiding under the bed and waiting for Joe to fall asleep, it won't let me go downstairs, saying 'There's no way you're turning back now!' when I've done the only thing I was expecting to do. When I try to move west, it say's old Joe's in there (except he's supposed to be in bed). And I can't see Joe in the bed. I realised I could climb out of the window, but I don't know why I needed to. 6.

Bit of GTV with the flagstones. If you try and go west after Joe is asleep says he is in bathroom. Fun little game. 6.

I would have given this game more than a 6 if not for the bugs that spoilt the last bit of it. I got the box but the game wouldn't let me go downstairs because it didn't think I had it; it wouldn't let me enter the bathroom and gave Joe being in there as an excuse when he was actually in the bedroom; it let me re-enter the house then wouldn't let me leave even though the dog had been dealt with... But it was still a likeable little game. 6.

As an architypal fantasy quest, this game worked quite well in its contemporary setting, making the situation more enjoyable to relate to. The writing was casual (which possibly detracted from any chance of atmosphere), but good quality. 

For me, what this piece of fiction lacked was originality. It was majoritively a simple quest to retrieve an item, and the item in itself seemed fairly familiar as it was. 

I noticed a prominent bug where after Joe is asleep in his room, if I try to escape through the house and go to explore it a bit, I am told he is still in the bathroom; I suppose that's something that can be expected as a factor of the time limit.
Overall, simple but fun. 4.

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