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Author: Blue by Taleslinger
Date: 2011

Reviewed by DCBSupafly

SCORE: 7/10
Comments: I was frustrated at being stuck in the car when I wanted to go to the shack. The spiders were certainly scary, but too often I would eliminate a problem (the helmet cable after removing helmet, or the man after hitting pipe) only to find that the restriction was still in place.

Reviewed by Sean M. Shore

SCORE: 6/10

Reviewed by E. Joyce

SCORE: 6/10
Comments: Though it had some problems and one of the endings was fairly odd and disjointed, it had nice atmosphere and some lovely writing.

Reviewed by Martin Barth

SCORE: 5/10

Reviewed by Mel S

SCORE: 6/10
Comments: A bleak little game which manages to make up for some of its problems by simply being a unique idea told in an interesting, minimalistic way. I'll never look at brain-eating spiders the same way.


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