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Bloodless on the Orient Express

Author: Hannes Schueller
Date: 2011


Reviewed by Martin Barth
SCORE: 7/10

Reviewed by DCBSupafly

SCORE: 9/10
Comments: Believable storytelling. Great attention to detail. Had trouble interacting with the Italian men, but walkthrough solved that!

Reviewed by Sean M. Shore

SCORE: 7/10

Reviewed by E. Joyce

SCORE: 8/10

">open bags
What are you looking for? A care packet containing fresh human blood?

That was a rhetorical question."

I love it when IF writers anticipate the silly things I try to do. Anyway, though laden with spelling errors, it's a pretty cohesive and well-implemented game with at least one decent puzzle and four distinct endings, and I enjoyed it.

Reviewed by Mel S

SCORE: 5/10
Comments: A surprisingly large game for three hours but perhaps too big as a lot of the rooms seem superfluous, the puzzles get abstract and the writing seems rushed. I admire the attempt at doing something grandoise but personally, I'd have preferred something focused instead of sprawling.


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