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Author: Richard Otter
Date: 2008

Reviewed by Parham Doustdar

The game wasn't good, really. It didn't have an ending I could encounter, even though I played it a lot of times. All you've got to do is find weapons and shoot at a demon, and that's all. Funny thing is, when the demon dies, it reappears, and dies of it's own accord again, while inflicting a damage of five on you every time, and you eventually run out of bullets, and unsurprisingly, die. Also, do to the game "being worked on for three hours" as the author says, the game has a number of typos. A rating of 1, even though I can't rate it because of screen reader compatibility issues with the website.

Reviewed by Duncan Bowsman

Comments: Feels pointless... too few shots with guns. Demons seem to attack too many times? Demons attack & die upon sight after the first? Might appeal to some, but just not my style.

Reviewed by David Welbourn

Comments: ehn. It works, I suppose, but randomized combat with arbitrary weapons that just happen to be there, the obligatory monster of the week, and the ho-hum office setting all adds up to a colourless, cheerless playing experience. I more or less have already played this in "Jason Vs Salm", and although this is a better version of that, it's still not that much fun.

Mel S

Comments: Running around an office firing missiles and AK-47's at a demon sounds like a good idea but this game unfortunately suffers from a lot of problems. There's hardly any description for the rooms, there's a lot of spelling mistakes (especially "trail of blood" repeatedly referred to as a "trial of blood") and it just ends up being frustrating instead of fun.

Reviewed by Alvin Echeverria

Comments: It was fun running around trying to kill the demon. The limited amo was a nice touch of reality. I couldn't find a use for the corpse so I just stuffed it in the filing cabinet.  I killed the demon but I didn't "win" the game. I ran around trying to find if there was anything else to do. Finally just exited out.

Reviewed by Lumin

Comments: While there's nothing really objectively wrong with the game, (other than a big that made the demon keep appearing and attacking me after it was dead) to be honest I thought it was a little on the dull side. I've yet to discover an IF game where 'shoot x with y' could hold my interest for very long. A more satisfying ending or just a little more 'flavor' to the descriptions in general would have made up for this and been worth a couple of more points, but I suppose there's only so much that could be done within the time limit.

Reviewed by Nick Rogers

SCORE: 4/10
Comments:  Basic splatter game, not much to it. There appears to be one demon, although the status line says "Kills", which I managed to get to read "2". No explanation given to why there are a variety of guns scattered around the office. No explanation for the demon, either. The descriptions are a bit bland, though. There's no fear in this, except for waiting for the demon to pop out. A few bugs (spellings, capitalisation, etc), but nothing showstopping.

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