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The Blank Wall (Intro)
Author: Richard Otter
Date: 2012

Comments by Jin Shane

- Quite gripping
- Very interested in where this story will go
- Just the right amount of thinking involved to move onwards in the game
- Enjoyed the vague plotline / mysterious atmosphere

Reviewed by David Whyld

"The Blank Wall" by Richard Otter
Liked: as with "Axe of Kolt", this seemed more like an actual intro and not so much a 'threw together in five minutes' effort. You can examine things, find items, try and solve puzzles, and it has a storyline I found myself caring about.

Didnít like: not much really. I couldnít figure out some of the puzzles which is probably more down to approaching senility on my part than any actual problems with the game itself.


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