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Big Day Out Reviews 

Author: Loops Of Fury
Date: 2002

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by BBBen (Inside Erin: The AIF Newsletter Volume 3 Number 7 July, 2007)

Hello again Ė itís time to highlight another game that I feel has not received proper recognition from the AIF audience. Authors deserve recognition for their work, and itís easy for them to feel under recognised in a community with a thousand lurkers to every active member. Of course, this column need not just be of interest to people looking to recognise the efforts of AIF authors Ė it can also be of interest to people looking to dig through the archives for some interesting AIF they might not have played before.

I wasnít active in the AIF community until about a year after this game was released (I played the games, but hadnít released any and didnít read the forums), so I really donít know how the game was received. I do know, however, that while the author Loops Of Fury intended to write a sequel called Big Night Out and to date there is no word on that ever being developed. Itís a pity because Big Day Out actually has quite a bit of very hot sex in the game Ė itís actually a very enjoyable sex romp. Itís got a few of what I would probably consider either beginner mistakes or alternatively old school AIF features that current, experienced authors tend to try and avoid, but it does not feel at all underdeveloped.

The problems I mentioned extend to a certain clumsiness in puzzle design that doesnít direct you to your objectives very well (such as they are Ė the objectives are not really pointed out in the game, and it falls to the readme to outline them) and they are tricky as a consequence. Take for example the opening Ďpuzzleí; thereís quite a clever idea here, the game starts with a sex scene with your wife but you canít have anal sex because sheís not interested Ė therefore one of your main objectives on this ďbig day outĒ is to soften her up to the idea and eventually come back and finish the job. Itís a very nice idea and I even like the subtle way itís introduced Ė the only problem is that there is an arousal system in there that means she tells you to piss off if you try to feel her up unless youíve kissed and hugged her about 8 times getting the same response every time. This wouldnít be such a big deal puzzle-wise if I actually knew that this kind of behaviour was needed Ė this is one of the Ďbeginner or old school mistakesí I was talking about Ė I wasnít frustrated trying to get into her pants, I just honestly didnít realise she might become interested. These days authors tend to try and tip you off that a sex scene is coming up so you donít just give up the fight, and that would have been nice here; I guess the point Iím making is that I needed a walkthrough to get through the game.

That said, Iíve replayed it a number of times because the sex is really good and once you know how to work the game out itís a lot of fun. My favourite scene is with the playerís work-mate Allison, who is a closet submissive and likes to be called names; hereís an example:

> call allison bitch
Allison smiles at you. "Yes, BBBen, it's true I am a bitch. I'm a little slut. I'm a whore. I like being fucked and I want you to fuck me. I'll be your dirty bitch."

And the sex with several other girls, including the wife Cathy, is very good too. It does not always have quite the level of thoroughness that you might expect from a real legend of AIF writing, but, hell, Iíve been guilty of writing sex scenes that are more abrupt than most of the sex scenes in BDO. Also, as I mentioned, the game does actually have an arousal system, which is a rarity in an ADRIFT game (not because it canít be done, just because itís a hassle).

There are actually few games that are better within the Ďwandering around aimlessly fucking everything with titsí genre (Sam Shooter I is better, for example, but thatís a classic) and itís well worth a play if you havenít tried it before. If you need a walkthrough use one, because itís worth it to see the sex scenes.

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