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Archie's Birthday - Chapter 1: Reggie's Gift Reviews
Author: Purple Dragon
Date: 2005

Reviewed by Grimm Sharlak (Inside Erin: The AIF Newsletter, Volume 1 Number 11, December, 2005)

Basic Plot:

You play Reggie Mantle, long-time nemesis of Archie Andrews, of the widely popular “Archie” comics. It’s Archie’s birthday, and despite continuing to be a self-centred and narcissistic man, Reggie has taken it upon himself to get Archie a gift he’ll never forget – and it involves the girls’ shower room at the school…

Overall Thoughts:

Reggie’s Gift is, according to Purple Dragon, the first part of a much larger game, and as such is very short and to the point. I must applaud the author for this direction, however, as it allowed him to test the waters with his concept and writing, as well as picking up plenty of suggestions for the full game (which will include this chapter). 

While I’ve never been a big Archie fan, you would have had to have lived under a rock to have never read at least one of his books, and as such all the characters are instantly recognisable, although there have been a few new characters created here as well.


Gameplay centres around Reggie’s attempts to gain access to film the girls in the shower room. For the most part this involves completing tasks concerning characters like the principal Mr. Weatherbee and the janitor Svenson, but rather than just the usual fetch quests, the puzzles take a slightly different turn here.

Due to the short length of the game, there aren’t many puzzles, but the major puzzle of the game is actually a nice one. To gain an item from Weatherbee, you need to complete a series of quizzes from the other teachers. Each quiz takes the form of multiple choice, covering history, maths, chemistry and more. While it took me a few tries to complete each (being an Aussie, American presidents aren’t exactly my forte) the need to only get 4 out of 5 right and the ability to take each test multiple times made it a fun little knowledge test rather than a chore. 


Sex is pretty light on the ground in this short game, but what is there is of a high quality. The short-but-sweet scene with Miss Brown has an excellent build-up, and some nice descriptions. You’re left wanting more, which is what a preview should do.

However, if that’s too short for you, the game’s final sex scene is a heavily detailed one. Taking a voyeuristic angle, you can still control the 
participants’ actions as they discover each other. The sex follows the standard ADRIFT rub/lick tits/ass/pussy, but rather than just being linear, as you progress to certain areas you can go back to other body parts for new messages and to progress the scene. This stops the scene from being too repetitive while also allowing the player to see everything with a minimum of fuss. It was slightly frustrating at first, but once I realised that I had to go back to go forward in a sense, the scene really came alive.


I detected nary a spelling error or bug with this game. Every item listed in the room description can be examined, although there is an abundance of empty cabinets, closets and the like. It’s a shame that, for example, the kitchen cabinets couldn’t be filled with plates and dishes to flesh them out somewhat, as the closets and such in the game do have clothes in them. It just makes them seem tacked on to have an empty refrigerator and cabinets in one room.

Speaking of which, the game does have one interesting quirk; movement is normal, but to enter or exit a separate building, you need to use ‘in’ or ‘out,’ despite the fact that the area in question is listed as being to your east, etc. However, this is explained when you look at the large size of the map and that each of these areas has a separate map of its own. It is clear that the final game is going to be quite large.


Not much to tell here, as my knowledge of the characters isn’t fleshed out enough to tell whether they stay true to their origins or not. Reggie acts and thinks like Reggie, at least, especially when there’s a mirror in the room. Each character has a number of topics to talk about, but there is no massive character development here.

Final Thoughts:

A nice little preview of what’s to come from Purple Dragon. This adventure into Riverdale is certainly something I’m looking forward to, especially if Purple Dragon can maintain the detail and quality of his sex scenes.

Rating: B

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