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A Night with Dani and Liz Reviews
Author: Rip_CPU
Date: 2009

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by ExLibris (Inside Erin Volume 5 Number 4 April 2009)

Basic Plot/Story

The plot is pretty straightforward. You are visiting Dani, your old friend (and old girlfriend). After a night on the town you've gone back to her place for a little bit of a booty call. However, Dani thinks that it would
be a good idea to spice things up by getting you to have sex with her girlfriend Liz as well. Since Liz is (a) not happy about her girlfriend having sex with someone else, and (b) not particularly interested in sex with
men, you have a certain amount of resistance to overcome.

Overall Thoughts

A Night with Dani and Liz was the only game completed for the abortive threesome competition. So whatever else I find to say about it, it deserves mucho bonus points just for that. On top of that, it's actually
pretty good.

Puzzles/Game play

Most of the game is driven by interaction with the NPCs, but there is one straight out puzzle. Unfortunately this puzzle has a couple of weaknesses. As far as I can tell there's no way of knowing what drink Liz would
like without having Dani tell you, and unless you're a drinker you'll probably have to resort to Mr Internet in order to find out how to make it. Or you could just refer to the walkthrough in the readme.


Let's focus on the good first. There is truly a colossal amount of sex in this game. By my estimate, a threesome scene is probably about three times as much work as a simple two person scene. That means
there is the equivalent of six sex scenes crammed into this game. Moreover, it's all pretty well written, which given the volume is equally impressive. Having just started to slog my way through a single sex
scene, I have a lot of respect for the effort the author has put into this game.

Let's focus on the bad now. I'll probably be labeled a blaspheming heretic for this, but I actually felt that there was *too* much sex in this game. It outweighed all the other elements of the game (e.g. characters,
puzzles, setting, etc.) by a considerable margin. I think the game would have been enhanced by cutting out one of the two person scenes, and redirecting the effort involved into fleshing out the characters and the
setting. That being said, it's actually pretty difficult to decide which scene should have been cut since they all flow together quite well and each plays a role in progressing the story.


In general the game feels pretty polished. If there were any major bugs, I didn't encounter them. There are a few minor quibbles. For example, in the shower Liz refers to you having anal sex in the kitchen whether
you have or not. There's also the odd spelling mistake, and Liz gets referred to as Dani at least once. Additionally, the game is rather sparsely detailed; items mentioned in the room descriptions are often not
implemented. All these issues are pretty common in games that have to be finished by a deadline, so I'm not inclined to be very harsh about them.


The paucity of characterisation means that the player will tend to build on whatever associations the basic characters have for them, probably in ways the author didn't intend. In my case Dani and Liz's relationship
reminded me of a couple of 'open' relationships I've observed, which were open in the sense that one person did whatever (and whoever) they liked, and the other person put up with it.

So my sympathies started out heavily on Liz's side and didn't really shift through the course of the game. It's kind of hard to figure out Dani's motivations in the game, whether she's just pushing the PC at Liz to
minimise her guilt over cheating on her, or if she genuinely thinks Liz would benefit from the experience. Overall, I think she comes across as being rather selfish and arrogant, which I doubt was the author's
intention. In fact, playing through the game the first time I felt that a happy ending would have been Liz dumping Dani.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the good outweighs the bad. Being a minicomp game (and one that had to include a threesome scene at that) the author was never going to have enough time to do everything and something
was going to be missed out. In this case it was characterisation. The author has said that he planned to include more conversation topics, which is something I think would have improved the game. On the other
hand this game delivers good sex and a lot of it, so mission accomplished.

Rating: B


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