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Amy And The Raging Hormones Reviews
Author: Snarfbert
Date: 2003

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Reviewed by Purple Dragon

Basic Story

You have tickets to the Raging Hormones concert tonight. They may not be your absolute favorite band but they are Amy's. Amy is a girl from work that you really want to get to know better and there is no way that she will not be at the concert tonight.

Overall Thoughts

The game has a decent pace and good writing. It is very short but it was a mini-comp entry so that's not too surprising.

Puzzles/Game Play

There are no puzzles in the game at all. The author warns us about this in his readme file and he is a man of his word. There are just a few preliminaries to get through before getting to the sex.


Most of the sexual responses in the game tend to be a bit short, but what's there is well written and pretty hot. Actually, I think I enjoyed the initial foreplay with Amy at the concert more that the actual sex scene itself. It's probably the exhibitionist in me, but something about the idea doing things like that with a girl in a public place gets to me.

The main sex scene is pretty straightforward and while you don't have to go in an exact order, you do have to do a bit before jumping into the main course. That isn't a complaint, just a comment. I actually think that doing it this way is a good compromise between having all commands available from the beginning and having a full arousal system where you have to sit through the same block of repeating text over and over again. If you were playing the game like normal not trying to break it (like I tend to do when I'm testing or reviewing one) you
probably wouldn't even notice.

One command that I felt was conspicuous in its absence was spanking. A couple of the responses more than suggest that Amy likes a bit of pain mixed in with her pleasure so spanking seemed like a natural, but the game doesn't even recognize the word. Oh well.

By the way, there is no anal sex in this game and trust me, Amy is a girl that you really, really don't want to press the issue with. Of course, with that comment I have just about guaranteed that anyone playing this game WILL press the matter, but don't say you weren't warned.


I didn't find any major bugs in the game although, because of the short size and simple format, I wouldn't really expect to find many. One bug I did find can be mentioned in the same breath with something I liked. When it comes time for Amy to loose her clothing you can either do it for her or have her do it herself and the game will respond accordingly for removing her shirt and jeans. This is a little thing, but it is a nice touch nonetheless. The problem comes when it's time to get rid of her underwear. Here you have to do it yourself because if you ask her to do it the game tells you that she is still wearing her shirt and jeans (which she isn't). An unfortunate bug, but not really that big of a deal.

Final Thoughts

A solid little game for a mini-comp entry. Nothing really bad about it but nothing exceptional either means that it gets a pretty average grade. Still, I feel it is well worth the few minutes that it will take you to play it.

Rating: C+


Reviewed by Softiron

I better tread careful here. Snarfbert is my most loyal beta tester. Heh heh.

The author half-apologizes in the introduction for the text dumps the player must sift through while playing. He also gives the player a code halfway through the game so that they can skip the first half if they so choose (and are allergic to the save option).

However, the first half of the game, text dumps and all, is the best part. The author uses HTML coding effectively, and does create a decent atmosphere for the mosh pit the PC finds himself in. Also, he does a masterful job of building sexual tension between the PC and the desire of lust.

Then there’s the second half of the game, the free for all fuck of the unlikely virgin (whoops...I hope that doesn’t spoil it for anyone). I just don’t buy it. The main problem I have is that the PC begins talking, and therefore demystifies his facade as a sexy, mysterious, and confident man who was able to lure this girl into his arms. In short, he sounds like a wussified--do anything to make the girl happy--dork that probably plays adult interactive fiction to get his rocks off.

It works only in that the chick you pick up, seemingly rebellious and wild, turns out to be meek and timid. The various descriptions the PC gives for the girl become a little schizophrenic, so it’s difficult to really grasp any personality. Therefore, by the end of the game, I had no desire to slip her the hot beef injection.

The game’s first half, with the believable atmosphere and tension, may well be the best in the competition. However, the second half becomes nothing more than your typical, forgettable, porn flick. Although, I did laugh out loud once (always welcome, even if the joke is out of context), and the “alternate” ending was...interesting.

To end on a good note, I look forward to playing future releases of Snarfbert’s.

Amy and the Raging Hormones placed a respectable 4th on my ballot.

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