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The Corruption of Alex Reviews
Author: Dr Fanfic
Date: 2004

Reviewed by A. Ninny

This is the only game in the competition that has a female PC. Given this opportunity to stand out, I believe “The Corruption of Alex” falls flat. Guess-the-verb problems and technical glitches are one big issue, but the main problem with the game is that you have a drab setting and empty characters, and puzzles that, while the writing urges you to solve them quickly, end up resulting in a totally anticlimactic ending to the game when you do. 

Technically, the game just doesn't come together. Myriad serious guess-the-verb problems make the puzzles almost impossible to solve without using hints, even though the puzzles themselves have straightforward logical solutions. Also, many things about the characters that could have been described simply weren’t – the PC cannot even examine her own body parts, nor are any of Mark’s body parts described separately from a general description available when you ‘x Mark’. 

The sex, while seemingly a main aspect of the story (after all, the male NPC becomes a sex-starved maniac after being infected by the powder) is in the end just an aside. You are driven to solve the puzzles in the hope that maybe Mark and Alex will be liberated by the experience and have sex freely, but instead, once you solve the puzzles, the game ends – a big letdown. If you want to experience the sex in the game, you have to time-out from puzzle solving and insert the sex acts in the middle of the game. The brevity of the descriptions reinforce the notion that there is something more and better to come once you finish the puzzles, but again, this is a false hope. 


Concept: 5.5. The idea of a space sickness causing horniness is promising, and the puzzles are fairly logical and even interesting. The game just doesn’t live up to its promise. 

Characters: 2.5. Characters are given initial descriptions and nothing else. 

Technical: 2. Nasty guess-the-verb problems and lots of things not described. 

Playability: 2. Again, the guess-the-verb issues stand out in my mind as the main feature of this game. The hint file was helpful, but shouldn’t have been necessary. 

Hotness: 3. The sex is a total sidetrack to this game and the sex act descriptions are too brief and lacking in detail or heat. 

Enjoyment: 3. This game could be very good with technical work and a rethinking the of ending. 


Reviewed by Purple Dragon (Inside Erin Volume 5 Number 8 - September 2009)

Basic Story

You are Alexandra Sullivan, a biochemist working on an orbiting space station.  During your time there you have developed a crush on your coworker, Mark Rockway, but deem it inappropriate to do anything
about it while working with him.  When Mark is infecting by a strange powder you realize that you may not have the option of keeping things on a professional level.

Overall Thoughts

I liked the idea of this game.  It seemed a nice premise, and should have worked well within the bounds of the rules for the mini-comp that it was written for.  In addition, there are so few games with female PCs,
that it is nice to see one from time to time.  However, for several reasons, the game just fell flat and didn't live up to my expectation or hopes.

Puzzles/Game Play

There are several different puzzles in this game, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say several different steps in the one main puzzle.  The puzzles themselves are logical, but there are still some major
problems, which I'll discuss under technical below.


This is possibly the only AIF game that I have ever played where to get the 'best' ending, and the most points, it necessary to have absolutely no sex of any kind.  When Mark is infected his sexual drive kicks
into overdrive and he begs you to help him relieve the tension.  You can do just that, but each time you do you lose points.  Still, you will probably want to do so since helping him out in this way before you cure
him is the only sex in the game.  Once he is cured the game ends, which makes it feel like I just went through all the work for no reward.

The game could have been much better if a sex scene was added at the end, after Mark has been cured.  Or the author could have really gone the extra mile and implemented a full scene for when Alex is infected as
well. How it stands now there is just a cutscene showing the two of them fucking each other's brains out until they die.  Of course, this being a mini-comp entry I wouldn't expect all that, but it still would have
been nice.


Well, here is the main problem with the game.  When you load up the game, play through the first few turns, and have a look around the room it will probably be pretty clear what you need to do.  The problem
is getting there from here.  Yep, I'm talking about guess the verb problems, and quite a few of them.  The only thing that (almost) saved the game is that the author has included hints.  I say almost, because one of
the first things that I used the hints to find out gave me a solution that still didn't work.  I had to look up a walkthrough to find the right command.  Some of the others are just as bad, but at least the hints give the
right commands for those.

Another thing that I found rather annoying is that while the environment is implemented fairly well, with descriptions of all the objects mentioned in the room description, there are no body parts to examine.  "X
tits"? "Nothing Special." Poor girl.

Final Thoughts

As I said, I liked the idea for the game, and the writing is actually pretty good.  I haven't seen anything more from this author, and I don't know if he is still around, but if so I hope he tries again because he has
potential.  However, for this game it just felt like maybe he ran out of time and cut some corners.  Unfortunately, the corners that were cut were things like sex (rather important in AIF) and betatesting
(which would have caught at least some of those guess the verb problems). 

Rating: C-

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