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Akron Reviews
Author: Marcus Kolic
Date: 2000

Reviewed by J. Michael Bottoroff

We've all seen it in many games, especially RPGs. Your character wakes up and has no idea who he or she is. Amnesia sets in. In "Akron", this is also true. However, when your character wakes up, he's in -- surprise! -- Akron, Ohio. It's where you live, you remember that much. And so you tromp all over Akron (or a certain part of it at least, because I don't think it's really that small) trying to search for who you are.

So far so serious. However, when you stumble onto a cornfield, you get this description:

You have blundered into a cornfield. Oh my. It looks like this is another one of those annoying mazes that the programmer loves so much. Well, let me give you a little hint - just go NORTH and you'll be out of the maze! You see, I, the computer, have changed this game JUST FOR YOU! Or, I can - oh no. The programmer's coming. AIEEEEEEEEEEEEE...

The rest of the game follows suit, of course. In fact, the rest of the game is even *wackier*. (I would give you an example, but that would be spoiling.)

The NPC's in this game are almost lifeless. The only one I could strike up a conversation with, was the cop, and that was because he was a clue to the game. Also, the game bugs are few, but drastic (for example, you can't pick up the library card).

Some parts of "Akron" were endearing, others just irritating and mind-boggling. I didn't think this game was very good, but nor very bad. My advice: Pick it up if you are interested. If you like it, good. If not, just get rid of it. It's not going to be everyone's cup of meat.

PLOT: A non-structured plot (0.5)
ATMOSPHERE: Good, Ohio-ish (1.2)
WRITING: Insanity shines through (0.8)
GAMEPLAY: A lot of walking (0.9)
VARIETY: Lots of variety (1.3)

CHARACTERS: Few, but lifeless (0.7)
PUZZLES: Completed with the right words (0.8)

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