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Academy of Spies Reviews 

Author: Adam Hendine
Date: 2001

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by Markaedw

Basic Plot:

The main character is Candy Dashwood, agent for MI6. The game takes place over 2 missions; the first one recovers a computer reel of stolen British lunar mission data and the second mission, you infiltrate the enemy hide out and find out why the tapes were stolen.

Overall Thoughts:

Adam has, to my knowledge, created 3 games and they are all pretty good, and Academy is no different, good but not great, it is a fun way to blow a hour of so, I found it to offer not much else and little replay value. The game is basically a fun adventure based game with some sex thrown in. Adam has always avoided “guess the verb issues” and when a specific command is required it is in the instructions.


Like I said the games is fun, there is a walkthrough, but it really isn’t necessary, the puzzles consist of looking around a pushing a button or pulling a lever. The game itself is very linear, there is not much to do outside of the game and the other characters have little interaction, so exploration is essentially pointless.

There are few couple of places where you can die, in effect losing the game, but since it’s possible to undo and you can try it again in a different way, so it is not to frustrating to play.


The real reason you want to play, the sex scenes are a bit of a let down. It’s as if Adam concentrated on the game and put in the sex as an afterthought. As an example he makes no distinctions between sitting, standing or lying down. The sex act descriptions are usually nothing more than a sentence or two, with “You continue doing that” when repeated. I found it just as easy to shoot the NPC as it was to do the sex scene.

The only really good, and necessary, sex scene is at the end and that is interrupted by the main villain.


I thought the game play was easy and I found no issues or bugs, which is good, but it did not push any envelopes either, it is rather mediocre in that respect.


Adam indicates in other games that his games are connected, so Candy’s boss, Mr. D may be Darcy of Darcy - Peril Skies.

Final Thoughts:

Although this game isn’t bad it isn’t great either. I keep it, because it is good way to use up an easy hour or so when I am bored, but it is not worth more than that, and don’t bother playing it for the sex; there are other games for that.

Rating: C

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