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Witches Mansion  2 Reviews
Author: Sir Robin
Date: 2012

Reviewed by Red Ghost

This was a hard one. On one hand, there is a lot more to this game than I expected: good amount of puzzles that aren't too repeatative, high number of transformations that can occur, multiple CYOA pathways that can be followed and multiple endings.

But the images in the average and it's sometimes deceptively simple to get railroaded on to a bad end path without realising it. And in the DayDreamer engine that's a hassle, but again you'll either be okay with it or it'll bug you to no end. That said this game does a good job with the engine so you'll rarely be stuck in a total dead end on what you can do next.

Cautiously recommended: it's really going to come down to personal preference, so play it for yourself.

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