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Unexpected Proposal Reviews 

Author: Vachon
Date: 2003

Reviewed by Purple Dragon (Inside Erin: The AIF Newsletter Volume 3 Number 7 July, 2007)

General Information (on Vachonís games):
To save myself some time Iím just going to write this once and it applies to all my reviews of Vachonís games.

Well, My mouth got me into trouble again when I posted on one of the boards that I would be willing to play and review all of Vachonís games.  I imagine that I was drunk at the time but whatever the reason, Iím here to make good on my promise so that there is a written review of the games for anyone contemplating playing any of them.  My suggestion if you are thinking about loading one up is donít.  However, If you must then please realize that these games represent (by nearly unanimous opinion) the worst that AIF has to offer.  You have been warned.

Iím not really sure what Vachonís native tongue is but suffice it to say that he has only a passing familiarity with the English language.  As a result, just about the only responses you get that contain no spelling or grammar mistakes are the default messages supplied by Adrift.  Iíve never before been so glad to learn that there is evidently no need for language like that (at least it was a complete sentence).

The spelling and grammatical errors range from merely annoying to nearly incomprehensible.  Simply using a spell check of some kind would have at least cut down on some of these but
evidently such a thing did not exist when he was writing his games.  Playing through his games gives me a bit of a headache because it actually reads almost like a foreign language that I have to translate as I go along to make sense of what is happening.

If all that is not enough to send you running the other way then please read on.

Basic Story:
You have always lusted after your sister and when she comes for a visit you finally get your chance with her.

Overall Thoughts:
First of all, if incest isnít your thing then you should avoid this game.  Second, if incest is you thing then you should still avoid this game.  The situation would be laughable if it werenít so sad.  Your younger sister comes to visit and basically throws herself at you, begging you to fuck her.  It just so happens that this is something you have always wanted so it all works out (I guess).

There are several things here that just donít make sense (aside from incest itself but thatís another discussion).  Your sister is 17 years old and living with her boyfriend.  You are 5 years older (22) and still living at home with your parents.  Furthermore, not only is she living with her boyfriend but at one point mentions that she has been living with him ďfor yearsĒ.  Possible I suppose, but much more likely just another example of sloppy writing.

Puzzles/Game Play:
There are no real puzzles in this game except for a few little things that you have to do to progress through the Ďstoryí.  In nearly every case Vachon tells you exactly what you need to do. ĎMaybe you should open the front doorí, ĎYouíre thirsty, go get something to drinkí, and so on.  While this does eliminate the Ďguess the verbí problems of his first game it is so blatant that it doesnít feel like a game at all.  It might as well just say Ďpress any key to continueí.

The sex is badly written and boring.  Here is a little sample to whet (or kill) your appetite.

ďHer big swollen breasts point straight into the air and they seem rock hard as you start to rock her body. You continue to fuck her for what seems like  hours.



Her body shakes as wave after wave of orgasm shoots through her.
Your cock gets totally buried in cum and it runs out onto the bed.
You had no idea someone could cum so much.

"You make me feel so good, I have never felt like this with anyone before. I really feel like doing something special for you. Would you like to fuck my ass?"
You can't believe what you hear, all your dreams are coming true.
"Yes, I would love to" you respond.

"Great, I was almost afraid you did not want to. Look in my bag, it's in the wardrobe in my room. I have something there I want you to use, put it on and come back here.Ē

Thatís about as good as it gets.  No, I swear, thatís as hot as it gets.  By the way, once you get the lube the command is Ďwear lubeí so the game isnít completely without guess the verb problems.

There are no game breaking errors here or impossible to guess commands but there are a LOT of problems.  Want a couple of examples?  Well Iím going to give them anyway.

Look through the keyhole when no one is there and it says no one is there.  Good.  Look through when Lucy is there and it describes her the first time but then says no one is there even when she still is.

Things keep appearing as if by magic.  There is nothing in the refrigerator until you get thirsty and then thereís a coke.  There is nothing in the wardrobe until she tells you to go look in her bag and then itís there.

You can only do things once.  He didnít even bother to click the box in Adrift that would just repeat the same response.  This is especially annoying with things like examining her body parts.  I could go on but you get the idea.

Final Thoughts:
This game lacks some of the problems of his first game but picks up many others in their place.  Errors in a game this size should be nearly nonexistent and yet nearly every command finds something strange, stupid, or flat out wrong.  The sex is short, bland, and not the least bit arousing.  The next time I have a few minutes to kill I think Iíll do something a bit more exciting, like balancing my checkbook, and give this one a skip.

Rating: F

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