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The Vault Reviews
Author: BlueMaxima
Date: 2010

Reviewed by J. J. Guest

Comments: I enjoyed the post-apocalyptic setting - and a great idea, kind of like an "escape into the locked room game!" The writing was quite atmospheric but a little tautological in places: "Due to the lockdown situation, the door is locked, the opening controls have been locked and the door can only be opened from the inside." I was amused to see that after reading the Bible, it is "as if the gods have answered you" - surely there is only one God in the Bible? I also found the gameplay a bit guess-the-verby,but these things all improve with practice. A good effort.

Reviewed by Wade Clarke

Again, an excellent idea for a short game, and yet still I struggled with the implementation of this so that I just had to switch to the walk-through.

Reviewed by Eric Anderson

SCORE: 5.60
Comments: Didn't know how to get into the wreckage. More descriptions needed. More urgency needed in descriptions. Main challenge was the turn limit. With the turn limits, was too intense IMO. Turn limiting had the opposite
effect of motivating me. Cheated and went to the generator. Maybe incorporate rad exposure in the status field, with more clue as to "time" left. Twilight Zone approach could be included in the introduction.

Reviewed by Duncan Bowsman

This year, I've decided to associate a song by Rush with each game along with its score.

SCORE: 5 nuclear wastelands out of 10.
Song: "Red Sector A"
Comments: -Bible should be capitalized (and italicized)
-Can't read the Bible initially, yet it is necessary to do that for one solution!
-No hints.
-Wreckage should have had synonym "pile"
-Conversation subjects with Peter should not have ()s in them or else they won't trigger unless the player specifically includes them.
-Didn't seem right to call the body and pile of wreckage containers. Did this man swallow his ID card?
-Seemed like the best ending was getting into Heaven, not getting into the Vault.
-Player can get into Heaven even after committing suicide. All possibility I could be wrong, but shouldn't this not be possible?
-Code could have used wildcards and #s.
-Overall, this felt rhetorically ineffective.


Reviewed by DCBSupafly

Comments: Good attention to detail, well crafted setting. Enjoyed the multiple endings. Not enough versatility in item usage.


Reviewed by Mel Stefaniuk

Comments: I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic stories but this wasn't quite as satisfying as I had hoped. The writing was pretty basic and never immersed me in the world and I found it hard to do any of the tasks, even if most of them were superfluous anyway. I kind of enjoyed the ending however, and I think from now on every single game should end with "...from the Twilight Zone." That makes everything more interesting.


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