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Annihilation of Think.com 3 Reviews
Author: Adam Dundas (pofty)
Date: 2005

Reviewed by Thoth

I can’t imagine anyone "waiting" for this. I could possibly understand the poor quality of this game if it came from someone new. However, if this is the “long awaited sequel” that means that there is more of the kind of rot floating around fouling the web. I can only hope that those interested in IF DON’T find this before anything of value. 

Please learn proper IF before you release anything else. PLEASE! 

Reviewed by phazonstorm 

Bad. ’Long awaited’? By masochists

Reviewed by phazonstorm 

CRAP. Adam Dundas, please spend longer than 3 days working on a game. I have been writing my current title for three days and though it is nowhere near finished it at least has good descriptions and funny jokes.

Reviewed by thatguy 

UMMMM...... ...I found this game extremly difficuly to play. The spelling errors alone make it difficult to enjoy. I do hope that this is put out as a pre-release test? 

Reviewed by TDS 

Please... ..don’t submit these games like this. Take the time to learn about IF games and authoring them. Until you learn to create a proper adventure, don’t make us all look bad with this game.

Reviewed by Woodfish

Pointless and terrible. Mundane title and plot set-up, can’t move anywhere or do anything. 

Minus 5 out of 10 

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