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Sorority House Reviews
Author: JustaHackWriter
Date: 2009

Reviewed by A. Bomire

Basic Story

You play a college student who lives next door to a sorority. Every day you see the girls living there, tantalizing you with their young, attractive bodies. Tonight, you decide to do something about it.

Overall Thoughts

This game was released as a demo version of the full game, and is very, very basic. There are practically no objects to interact with, the interactions with the characters is very sketchy, and the puzzles are practically non-existent. It is just designed to give you an idea of what the author is shooting for in the full version. And, in my opinion from what little there is, what the author is shooting for isn't very nice. The player is presented as a frustrated college student who takes advantage of a raucous graduation party at the sorority next door to have his way with several inebriated women, one of whom is actually passed out. While the use of liquor as a sexual lubricant is a tried-and-true concept in AIF (and the argument could be made that it has some success in life), the way it is carried out in this game is more comparable to rape than it is to women showing a lack of good judgment. That the women seem to enjoy the experience once the player gets going gives the whole game a misogynistic flavor that isn't to my taste.

Puzzles/Game Play

There really aren't many puzzles in this game, other than following the strict set of commands that the author presents you in a supplied walkthrough. The walkthrough is required because almost nothing in the game exists beyond the rooms and people. For example, the opening mentions studying one of the sorority girls through a telescope, which is presented in the player's bedroom as an object of importance (being highlighted in the description text). However, there is no telescope there, nor can the player look through it. So, players trying to play normally will become quickly frustrated as nothing they do seems to work.

Following the walkthrough will allow the player to experience the important parts of the game.


The sexual scenes in this game are short and to the point. Of the three women which the player can have sex with, only one is even partially willing, and she is so drunk she can barely stand. Did I mention that one of the girls is passed out, and that she and the other girl are essentially raped by the player? Yes, that is the sort of sex depicted in this game. What makes it worse, to me, is that both of the raped girls end up enjoying the encounter, moaning in passion and so on. Not exactly what I would call normal reactions, even in the admittedly skewed logic of an AIF game. All three women exhort the player to pull out before impregnating them, which the player can do. However, continuing to orgasm does indeed make each girl pregnant - a fact revealed in the ending.


As I pointed out in the Puzzles/Game Play section, this game is a demo, and is not fully implemented. As such, you would expect it to have technical problems. And it does. Nothing that caused the game to lock up or crash, so it is playable.

Final Thoughts

Okay, I realize that all AIF is fantasy. It represents a way for players to act out situations that they will never be able to experience in real life. And, I've read enough erotic fiction to realize that some players' fantasies are indeed to have sex with women against their will and impregnate them. This isn't my fantasy, and that probably is obvious from this review. I didn't like this game. I mean, I really didn't like this game. But, I am open minded enough to realize that it is just fantasy, and not real. You may like this sort of thing. If so, if and/or when this game ever gets completed it may be exactly the type of game you enjoy. But it isn't for me.

Rating: F

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