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SS Whore Reviews
Author: The Blue Satyr
Date: 2011

Reviewed by ExLibris

This was the most polished of the three Adrift games in this year's minicomp. Perhaps not uncoincidentally it was also the only one written with Adrift 4.0. SS Whore has a number of interesting features, such as topic lists for conversations, several puzzles, multiple positions in the sex scene, etc.

The first half of the game is a mixture of puzzles and dialogue. None of the puzzles were particularly complicated or frustrating, but they were hard enough that I felt some pleasure at completing them. The conversations with van Siemens and Klaus were well written, although it seemed a little implausible to me that either of them would have such long and personal conversations with a captured enemy spy. However, the main problem I had was that it seemed like the author couldn't decide whether he wanted comedy Nazis (a la 'Allo 'Allo) or something more realistic. The fact that the main NPC is called von Bonerstein suggests that he eventually came down on the side of comedy, but that strikes a dissonant chord when contrasted with the callous treatment of Brunhilda or the reality of Hitler's voice being broadcast on the radio.

I didn't enjoy the sex scene in the second half of the game for a couple of reasons. The first is subjective, in that the set-up for the scene left me completely cold. Yet again a female PC is forced to have sex with someone she has no reason to like (and good reason to hate) just to fulfil some other obligation, which I didn't find the slightest bit erotic. It doesn't help that von Bonerstein is a thoroughly unlikeable Teutonic stereotype and the most weakly characterised of the three NPCs. The second is that the scene was just too complicated for me. I kept having to refer back to the list of sex commands, which really broke up the flow of the scene.

Objectively, SS Whore is one of the best games in this year's minicomp. However, for purely subjective reasons, I didn't enjoy it very much, which allowed games like The Princess and the Dragon and Ashley's Story to sneak past it in my rankings.

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