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Patient 7 by Justahack Reviews
Author: Justahack
Date: 2009

Reviewed by Hannes Schüller

Writing:  Works very well overall in the mood department. The roles of the orderlies and the doctor remain very unclear. Do they know about my merger with the demon? If so, why has the doctor kept me alive so far and why do they take Francis away? If not, why am I killed in the end?

Technical:  No serious issues. Sometimes, the game generated responses involving "Doctor_2" or "Francis_4". Great to find that at least one game has implemented some scenery objects!

Puzzles:  Different endings triggered by conversation options (good). Final decisions are spelt out by the game, so they're not really puzzles (was alright, though, because I didn't really want to guess the right verb in those scenes).

Interactivity:  Unfortunately, this game's downside. I'm not expecting much of a game written in three hours, but absolutely nothing I do has any effect. The game even told me to just continue waiting at some points. I'd like the game at least to keep up the pretense.

Final thoughts:  Although this is the most fleshed out entry, I liked it a little less than "Driving".  Upon reflection, I think it is because although there is more interactivity in here objectively (at least a couple of story branches triggered by that one conversation), the game always carried on without *me* triggering that progress. Even if it is only a very obvious action, having the player type something in to trigger the next scene instead of it occurring anyway is always the better choice. For example, an orderly brought me food. Why not wait for the player to eat it and *then* begin the next scene? That's what I mean with 'pretense of interactivity': It gives me a sense of achievement to have done something to have moved the game forward. Likewise in the recreation room scene: It would have been better if Francis hadn't approached me, but if I had had to locate him instead.  Same reason. Even if those actions are trivial, I feel less useless in my 'player' role then.

Reviewed by DannyL7773

SCORE: 6/10
Comments: A great demonic story. Originally I had planned to not give in to the demon, if possible. Then I saw the words "incinerate your enemies". Hybrid ending won me over just on those 3 words alone. That said, I didn't actually find much to do other than just waiting for the events to pass, then again I could be missing something. Conversation was a nice touch though.
Needs more to do maybe between events?

Demons, ability to incinerate people (I loved this <3). Great way of handling conversations. Too much waiting for events to kick. Good story though

Reviewed by Mel S

Comments: This was definitely the most ambitious game of the comp, and while Justhack should definitely be applauded for taking a risk, I think the game's story is a little big in scope for a 3 hour game. All the talk of demons, Jesuits, schizophrenia and sacrifice is interesting, but they're very big ideas being done in a very small game so it all feels a bit rushed.


Reviewed by Rob Roy (Metron4)

SCORE: 75.63%
-I assume the opening part about being seven years old was a dream?  Otherwise I would remove the age part because the rest of the story makes less sense if you are seven.  The transitions between cell, dreams, and other areas were nicely detailed.
-Not many choices.  I can jump off the roof if I don’t mention Francis, choose “demon” if I do, or wait to have the doctor open my head.  And I’m only seven!
-The transitions between the scenes contributed a layer of surreality that I enjoyed.  Some things mentioned had no interaction commands (x bed, x door).  Trying to attack Francis or doctor yielded “Doctor_2” and “Francis_3” glitches.
-Most disliked: Not really being able to do anything, waiting for the next scene to transition.
-Great visual descriptions.  I could see it all happening.  If only I knew whether I was seven or not.
-Perfect length and scope for the Ectocomp challenge!


Reviewed by Lumin


It's almost hard to believe this was done in just three hours. A genuinely creepy intro combined with a branching plot and a general atmosphere of wtf-ness and dread all adds up to some excellent writing and my favorite game of the comp.

Again, no puzzles, and again it's understandable considering the time limit. (though this style of game I think could easily be expanded to support them)

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