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Marmalade Skies Reviews
Author: Evil Flagpole
Date: 2005

Reviewed Greg Boettcher

I was unable to finish this game, because I ran across a particularly maddening bug where further progress seemed impossible. I asked about this on the ADRIFT group, but nobody there said that they had ever played the game. I also tried to write to the author, but got no response. I am left to wonder whether anyone has played this game but me. Has even the author tried to win it? It certainly does appear unwinnable. I could be wrong about this, though, and if anybody finds out otherwise, let me know, and I'll update this review.

Why do I think this game is unwinnable?

Apparently to get from column 2 to column 3, you need to type "vault to column 3," and for that you need to be carrying the bar (the hand rail) while on column 2. However, this seems impossible. It works just fine to type "jump to column 2," but only when you're not carrying the bar. When you're carrying the bar and you type "jump to column 2," you get "Which column 2. The column 2 or the column 2?" I have no idea why carrying the bar creates this error, but it does. What a horrendous Catch-22.

I wouldn't recommend this game anyway. Why? Never mind. It seems a waste of time to describe all the flaws in a game that's unwinnable anyway.

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