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Homeless Harry Reviews
Author: Homeless Burblesnot
Date: 2009

Reviewed by James Webb (revgiblet)

Burblesnot has already come to my attention on the forum by attempting to bring a little bit of anarchic humour to a hobby that sometimes takes itself a little bit too seriously. This seems to have carried over into his game.

It doesn't take long before it becomes clear that the goal of this game is, as Homeless Harry, to make the beast with two backs with a fellow vagrant. It's the sort of thing that could very easily be dismissed as a joke entry, but it quite clearly isn't. A lot of work has been put into it and it's well-implemented and written. The author acknowledges that the timed intro could be annoying after the first time, though I thought that it was quite funny.

However, I didn't enjoy playing this game. I didn't enjoy the concept, so I felt like I was playing it for completeness rather than because I wanted to play it. It was a chore, so I don't think that I was the target audience for this game. On a point of style, however, I also found the room descriptions were far too verbose and just couldn't be bothered to trawl through them looking for items that I could interact with. This was a shame because I gather that there were quite a few things in there that the player could do outside of the main quest.

So I didn't enjoy this because of the offensive adult content, and I also have to object to it on the grounds that one of Cowboy's rules was that the entries contained no offensive adult content. As a judge, I have to declare that this game has BROKEN THE RULES of the competition and therefore should be disqualified - which is a shame, because Burblesnot clearly has some talent for writing IF and this is a very competent first game.

Next time, please use your considerable powers for good.

Reviewed by Duncan_B

4th place/Disqualified: Homeless Harry, by Burblesnot.

[Disqualified for sexual & offensive content-- see rules.]

Homeless Harry is grotesque, grossly overwritten, offensive, and annoying— and even if that’s what it set out to be, it’s not a good thing to be. I get the feeling its author is the kind that, when handed a colouring book, will start to draw on the walls (and probably not with crayon).

HH is a game you dread starting up a second time because you know you’ll have to sit through a terrifyingly unnecessary fest of wait taggery & big fonts before getting into it. Once you do get into it, the presentation is incredibly messy & a huge turn-off. Descriptions throw up on your screen. The most insignificant details seem to get turned into gigantic infobombs. My first instinct as a judge was simply to mark the game "tl;dr". If I had NOT been a judge, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with it.

The story isn’t terribly compelling, either (in fact, it’s more repelling than anything). It’s linear, the protagonist is thoroughly unlikeable, and the experience feels unrewarding as a whole. While the writing holds to a very strong authorial voice & singular unity of effect, and (for those willing to wade up to their eyes in sludge) there really is some entertaining writing hiding inside those overblown infobombs, I just wouldn’t feel right actually recommending this game to anyone.

On a lighter note, morbid curiosity more than once made me wonder how a game like this might fare at the Erins...

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