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Himeros Hotel Reviews
Author: Seztworks
Date: 2018

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by padder

A great game, with lots of playtime, interesting enough story and a variety of fetishes. Useing ADRIFT sucks, hard, really hard. I think, if I was to play this without a walkthrough it would take me months.

One thing the game lacks, an updated walkthrough. I'm stuck, becouse one of the commands was written wrong. And earlier, I had to replay roughly an hours worth of content becouse the walkthrough waesn't updated. (He made comments about it in blue text, make sure you visit the alley at 16:00 before the second blue text)

If the dev updates the walkthrough, I will revisit the game. (and actually finish it)

Edit: The walkthrough was updated, the Dev actually reached out to me and fixed it within a day. I have finished the game and it ended on an interesting note. I am looking forward to part 2 of the triology, and recommend this game with roughly 20 hours of gameplay to anyone.

Reviewed by kkai

Himeros Hotel is a very good real-porn text-parser AIF and anyone who is not daunted by text-parsers should definitely play it. I would, rather unfortunately, recommend playing with the walkthrough right from the start. I'll explain below.

HH has a lot of great elements. First and greatest is the main character. Far too many developers think that the cast of "conquests" is most important, but I quite disagree with that. Make a main character I like to BE first, then work around that. Sezt seems to get that. The MC in this game is competent (but no Mary Sue), witty, charismatic and a real joy to inhabit. He also has a distinct character and doesn't feel at all generic.

The cast of conquests is good. This is a real porn game with still images combined with descriptive text. The girls are varied in looks as well as personality. The dialogue is usually quite good. There's generally a very nice happy casual sex vibe, with only a little bit of romance. Some of the images must obviously be photo manipulations (from the subjects), which does nothing for me, but at least the quality of them was sufficient that I wasn't distracted by them either.

The story was a nice blend of the mundane and something "fantastic". I was interested in the goings on and, as this game is continued into a sequel of a planned trilogy, left me looking forward to learning more. You also get to make certain choices for the NPCs which supposedly will have impact in future games.

The author, Sezt, is actually also a highlight, giving exceptional support for the game in this thread. You don't find any better.

Unfortunately, HH has a glaring problem for me and that's in the gameplay. I'm used to text-parser AIF, but HH pushed me way past my tolerance for grinding and searching each and every location at each and every time period just to find the events. It was tedious in the extreme even though, by the end, I had a muscle memory for visiting every main location in the hotel fairly quickly. But doing that for nearly every hour in the day, day after day, was still insufferable. Whenever it made sense the game would guide you to an event. But most of the time they were just occurrences that the MC would have no idea was going on and therefore there was no in-character mechanism to alert him to them. In their absence some kind of out-of-character mechanism was desperately needed. That is why I recommend just playing with the walkthrough. It's a shame, but I really do recommend it. Unfortunately, I played a great deal of the game without and was, due to the way the walkthrough is written and the branching/gated nature of the game, never able to merge my playthrough with the walkthrough because so many of my branches were way farther along or way behind the optimal playthrough. So I struggled all the way to the end unaided and it was a slog. I've read a bit about the sequel and it sounds like Sezt is addressing this problem, so that's good, but my recommendation for this game is to use the guide. I'm pretty sure I managed to find the perfect anti-optimized path for completing the game. :)

Nevertheless, on the whole,it's a game worth playing, even standing on its own. And I'm looking forward to playing the sequel soon.

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