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Entrancing Sin Reviews 

Author: Lost Trout
Date: 2010

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.

Reviewed by A. Bomire

Game Play
The game reminded me of many of the "dating sim" games, where each day you decide your course of action, with each choice in activity having an impact on you. Each day you awake, go to work in Brayden's studio, then spend the evening either in the bar downstairs or studying for your LSATs. Some players may find the repetitive nature of the game tedious, but there are variations as the game progresses. These variations give the game good replay value.

This is probably the most frustrating part of the game (besides the repetition). You have to play the game for a while to get to the sexual aspects of the game. That is to say, to successfully get to the sexual aspects of the game. As Ashley's (your) resistance to her baser instincts weakens, she will allow herself to indulge in sex acts. Attempting them too quickly will cause her to flee Brayden's studio, effectively ending the game.

The game didn't have any major technical problems, other than appearing to be unfinished. There was more than one area of the game that the author evidently intended to flesh out, but appeared to either run out of time or simply didn't implement.

Final Thoughts
This game was much discussed online, especially at Yahoo. Many players found the replay value of the game attractive. I, for one, found the repetitive nature a bit tedious, but I have the same issue with dating sim games. Other players may not have this issue.

Reviewed by Rip_CPU

The concept is one that I find to be excellent. Ashley is slowly being brainwashed into becoming a sex slave, a theme more commonly found in the Hypnopic Collective games than AIF community games. But unlike the Hypnopic games, Entrancing Sin has a much more subtle brand of hypnosis. So subtle in fact that the player may not even notice it until having gone through a few days. But slowly, Ashley's reaction to things and object changes as her mind is changed. It is a lot of fun to see how many things she can interact thing and how things differ.

Game Play
The game play is a little tedious. There is simply not a lot to do, day to day. There is clearly intended to be more, as during the day you are supposed to be able to do office work, but the author did not managed to finish that on time and instead there is only a placeholder left in game. Hopefully the author will come back and finish this portion, and the office work may provide some much needed activity for Ashley to do when she isn't figuring out what to wear or being brainwashed.

Aside from the aforementioned incomplete portion, there are a few small technical problems. Nothing in terms of actual bugs, and the menu based conversation system is quite well implemented. However, there are little annoyance, primarily with the clothing system. The nature of the game necessitates that Ashley has to remove her clothes in the evening before bed (So that you can see how her attitude has changed via her willingness to wear gradually more revealing outfits). But there is a glaring lack of a "strip" command that will instantly remove all her clothes. Instead, the player is forced to instruct Ashley to remove her clothing piece by piece. This might not have been so bad if there was perhaps sexy descriptions of her doing so (a possible addition for the future?), but that is not the case. So every night she needs to remove her top, her bottoms, her bra, and her panties. Every morning she must put them on again in reverse order. I was personally very glad when Ashley got brainwashed to the point of going without a bra, simply because it's one less object to fiddle with each day. One simple added command would've saved a great deal of aggravation.

For a game that is filled with sexual atmosphere, there is actually very little actual sex. There is only one possible sex scene, and that scene is lacking in interactivity, especially by modern AIF standards. Prior to that final scene of intercourse, Ashley can be made to masturbate, but doing so only returns one short line of description with no variation. The descriptions and conditions of the game create a very sexually charged environment, but the payoff is very sadly lackluster.

Final Thoughts
The game is lots of fun, and with a lot of replay value as there are so many things that can be interacted with to cause a different route of brainwashing for Ashley. The rather simplistic sex descriptions and unfinished portions prevent the game from reaching its full potential, however. With a bit more work and expansion, the author can really make this into a fantastic game, an instant classic. I hope the author, whoever he might be, will continue to improve this game. Also hope he'll actually tell us who he is. This is the internet, mate! No one knows your identity, just make up a screenname so we don't have to refer to you as Anonymous.

Reviewed by Purple Dragon

Game Play
The game play in this one was certainly not your typical AIF fare. I agree with A. Bomire above that it plays more like a dating SIM than a regular AIF game. This isn't necessarily bad, just different. It does seem rather repetitious, but there are enough difference and variables to overcome a lot of that.

Most of the technical issues with this game are ones of omission, rather than problems with existing content. The game just doesn't feel quite done. Of course, there are a couple of areas (the office jobs) where this is obviously exactly the case. But even in other areas there are little things that lead me to believe that the author wasn't quite done with what he had planed.

I'm of two minds when it comes to the sex in the game. On one hand, the author does a marvelous job of building up the sexual tension throughout the game. From the brief conversations with Brayden, to Ashley's responses to clothing, objects, and other events in the game, to the voyeur scenes out the window of her room. It all got my motor running and had be ready for more.

Unfortunately, when you do get to the actual sex scene there just isn't a lot there. Some commands aren't implemented at all, and the ones that are, normally lead to rather short, curt responses. The sex, and the game itself was pretty hot as far as it went. It just didn't go far enough.

Final Thoughts
Overall I think that this was a very good start for a game. There are a lot of little things that you can do or find that make it much more replayable than a lot of games. I also really enjoyed the dorm room ending. It is interesting to see what had changed based on what I did in the rest of the game. It's a very nice little psudo scoring system to let you know how good (or bad, I'm a little unsure of which is which in this one) you did. I'll add my hopes to the other two reviewers that this author returns and finishes the great start he has here.

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