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The Evil Chicken Of Doom 3D
Author: Mel Stefaniuk (Mel S)
Date: 2012

Reviewed by Maga

Holy textdumps, Batman. This game has some pretty advanced zany logorrhea. I found this entertaining and funny enough, despite a generally low tolerance for zany games.

It is, sadly, kind of horribly unresponsive. >KILL CHICKEN gives you an appropriate response the first time, then abruptly stops working. >KILL CHICKEN WITH SPADE seems sensible but also doesn't work. (Indeed, the game seems to consist of finding objects which could all, without stretching one's inventiveness very far, be used to kill a chicken. Since a chicken can be killed with bare hands, this is not a stretch). >DIG doesn't work unless you do it on the right thing.

[quote]You're not sure why there was a large metallic hook buried in a garden but after seeing a chicken with two noses, all of your belief in the rationality of the universe has evaporated[/i]

That about sums this game up; it wants to take you on a ride, and you are not expected to follow along, not applying that unpleasant logic thing. This is an approach that only works if the game is able to shepherd you gently through all the steps, and it's not quite there; I had the idea that I was meant to get into the shed somehow, but nothing I tried gave me any useful responses. (Possibly there is a rope or a ladder somewhere that would let me get onto the roof. I couldn't work out where it might be, though.)

 Reviewed by Roody_Yogurt

This game has a very silly sense of humour which has varying degrees of success, but some of what I found funny, I found very funny. Still, the game is hurt by the ADRIFT thing where a command is only understood one time and then never understood again. I donít know enough about ADRIFT to know how avoidable that is. Despite this, I found several items, like the hook, the axe, and the chicken wire, but figuring anything else was beyond me. Oh well. EDIT: Ok, I turned on the debugger, and it seems like I should be able to tie the hook to the chicken wire (something I actually tried before), but itís not working. Curse you, 3 hour coding!

Reviewed by Ned Yompus

I got lost here. I tried brute-forcing but nothing worked. The writing gave me a few laughs, but I had no idea what to do. Also, I was unable to see the 3-d effects, but I'm interested. I think I need to climb the shed, but I was unable to make any sort of ladder from the chicken wire and spade. I think my unfamiliarity with ADRIFT verbs has put me in trouble.

Reviewed by HulkHandsome

The actual game is a bit naff, luckily it makes up for it with some very amusing writing and sweet 3D effects.


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